Garden Update ~ Chilly Outside, Blooms Inside


We’re down to just kale, collards, lettuce and mums outside, but inside, we’ve got happy plants and the first blooms on a Christmas cactus.






Message of the Pink Orbs: You Are Divinely Loved

The other day I received another email from a reader who had photographed pink orbs around the sun. Caprice Terry of Richardson, Texas, wrote to me: “Good afternoon Catherine, I just read your comments regarding the pink orbs you saw on August 23, 2017. I asked for a sign today and when I took my pics […]


Past Lives and Law of Attraction

I forgot I had written this post until someone recently asked about significant moments in my recovery from a 1998 traumatic brain injury. I’ll share it here as an illustration that healing can come in unexpected, multi-layered ways. When we open ourselves to previous “no-go zones” life and healing unfold in marvelous ways.

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When I first began working professionally as a Medical Intuitive ten years ago, I sometimes received past life “hits” while scanning someone’s energy. Every once in awhile past lives surfaced as a factor in symptoms, but I preferred not to access that sort of information. It seemed “weird,” “unprovable,” “way too out there” and downright “New Age-y.” I felt odd enough reading energy and sensing mind-body connections in strangers. All this seeing the unseen stuff seemed like it could take over my life, so I drew an arbitrary, but firm, line around past life issues. The only way I mentioned them was if I could absolutely find no other reason for a particular condition. Even then, I shared the information apologetically, as though turning to other lifetimes for an explanation somehow entailed my own failure to provide a good reading.

Some of you have already heard the story of how…

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The storied days

I love this post!

The Art of Enchantment

There is something about the all-too-fleeting days between Samhain and Winter Solstice. Something about the sudden sharp shock of early-morning air, about the mists rising from the surface of a thousand scattered Connemara lochs. The bog grasses have transformed themselves from a tired green to a rich russet red, and the great black clouds pile in from the mountains to the north, smothering skies that are all shot through with rainbows.

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A Recurring Theme

Wise words from faery sis Tania Marie, and a synchronously recurring theme in life, sessions and work on my novel:

“You are free to choose your beliefs, and the actions you take, as well as the experiences you have, will reflect those beliefs. Choose with utmost heart awareness so that when you experience the reflection of your beliefs, you won’t feel like a victim, but rather, will be empowered by whatever gifts you’ve given to yourself, as your chosen growth.” ~ Tania Marie


November 2017 Specials

Two weeks left for these!

Also a quick note: as usual, I will list a gift certificate option in December, but the Tarot Special also makes a nice gift. If you’d like to purchase that for someone else instead of yourself, please let me know, and I can create a gift certificate you can pass along to your loved one.

With the intense energies activating deeper revelations, both the Tarot and Medical Intuitive sessions this month have been potent. Lots of awakening and opportunities for healing!

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By popular request, this month brings back $44 tarot readings. The second November Special stems from the first. Although the cards can sometimes provide very general information about health, they’re no substitute for a Medical Intuitive Reading, which uses an entirely different process on my end. I love tarot, but it does not lend itself to every type of question. Since so many people request medical intuitive support, I decided to run a second November Special just for that. Please read each description, so you can determine which special makes sense for you at this time.

$44 Tarot Readings

Half hour tarot readings at 20% off the usual rate. Tarot readings offer an energetic check-in, the chance to ask questions about pending decisions or intentions, and represent a fun, yet powerful way to gain perspective on relationships and challenges.

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who…

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Medical Intuition: Quick Insights into Common Symptoms

This post from over eight years ago wants to go up again. Whenever I post information like this on my blog, it comes from general observations, so it may or may not be specific to you. Observations become general for a reason, though, so I’ll post this for anyone it may assist. (As usual, not diagnosing or prescribing, just sharing!)

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I’ve had so many blog posts swimming around inside my head lately, but every time I start to write one down, I get another idea. Add to that my fascinating research for Schizandra and the Peruvian Jaguar and, well, I haven’t actually posted in awhile. It just occurred to me that I receive so many of the same questions from people that I might share a few general tidbits here. These aren’t meant to replace medical advice, of course; they’re meant to give you pause and reflection on what your body might want to tell you through your symptoms. If these don’t resonate with you, there may be a deeper soul issue wanting to come through. Please feel free to contact me for a personalized reading. ‘Til then, enjoy!

Hip Pain/Hip Issues: People rarely call me for this issue on its own, but I notice it a lot when…

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Yoga with Orchids: New Class Location

Yoga classes with Catherine Carrigan have been moved to 1951 Northside Drive N.W., Atlanta, Georgia, 30318. The studio is full of orchids and overlooks a fountain and organic garden. Evening Classes: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 to 9 p.m. Morning Class: Thursdays 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Who is welcome: All levels What to bring: Yoga […]


Blind Spots

This video stormed YouTube back in 2013, but it remains one of the best (and funniest) illustrations I’ve seen about blind spots and recurring patterns.

So often, those long suffering issues can shift for good with a humble, courageous look in the mirror and/or a caring someone who suggests that look. Because many times … it is about the nail.

“More important than talent, strength, or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.” ~ Amy Grant


Signs, Ogham, and the Search for Snake Plants

Amidst work on my novel, I’ve so enjoyed having David in Kalamazoo full time, beginning last Friday. We’ve gotten caught up on move-in projects and some long postponed day trips. The first occurred last Saturday, our first return to Holland, Michigan since David’s 2015 birthday celebration. You can read about “Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan with Two Dutchmen” by clicking here, the two Dutchmen referring to David and his father from Amsterdam. This recent trip marked a different kind of birthday — the official beginning of David’s new life in our new home.

The day proved a jam packed manifestation of almost every article of clothing or boot I’ve sought since moving here. We also loved our gluten-free vegan New York style pizza at Crust 54, amazing vegan Thai at Thai Palace, and our pint of Dragon’s Milk at New Holland Brewing. As much as the cute boutiques, funky resale shops, excellent natural foods co-op, and gustatory pleasures, we delighted in all the signs scattered in stores and along the quaint downtown streets. You can see a few of our favorites below:



This next one proved an auspicious and accurate sign:


Umbrella in the background provided courtesy of downtown Holland and a testament to Lake Effect rain and snow: visitors can pick up umbrellas and use as needed, so long as they leave them somewhere in the downtown area.

In our own little reclamation ceremony, David and I also visited one of the most photographed lighthouses in Michigan, The Big Red Lighthouse in Holland State Park.


On our way to Holland, David realized that we’ve each lived in all four states bordering Lake Michigan. In gusts and mist, we stood on the other side of Big Red and released any experiences that no longer serve, calling back pieces of ourselves from all four shores.

This past Tuesday heralded another day trip, this time to Ann Arbor and the nearby IKEA in Canton, Michigan. We had never gone to either before, and our afternoon began with a vegan Reuben and vegan Chili Mac:



The Chili Mac was good, but the Reuben? Unbelievable! We managed to suppress our giggles when a father dining with his obviously vegan graduate student son next to us commented on his own Reuben, “So what is this?! A cabbage sandwich?” We gobbled ours, but he did not seem to mean that as the compliment his son assumed it was. David has clicked into my own writer mode of spending extra time observing any unusual character combinations we encounter.

On our way out of The Lunch Room, my eyes gravitated to a Celtic seeming stone, all the more synchronous since someone had just that morning asked if my “Laura of the Rocks” photo came from Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Here, in downtown Ann Arbor, we found an Ogham stone:


“Replica of a Celtic Marker or Ogham stone was used to seal agreements in early Ireland in the area now known as County Kerry. Parties touched fingers through the hole and thereby made their agreements binding. This stone is copied after one located near Kilmalkedar in County Kerry. Markings on the edges are Ogham, an early Irish linear script.

Sculpted in Ireland from County Kerry Stone by Pieter Koning, 1994

Dedicated on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1996.”



After our touch of Celtic magic, we spent time wandering around downtown Ann Arbor. We got much of our Christmas shopping done at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tearoom. I could tell what a writer friendly city Ann Arbor is by the fact that the New Age bookstore featured a shelf full of books like “Tarot for Writers,” “Astrology for Writers,” “Wired for Story,” and “The Artist’s Way.” Once we finished loading up on everything from cards (greeting and tarot) to … I can’t say what else since some of the gift recipients read my blog! … we headed to IKEA, the main impetus for this trip.

We needed a desk for David, lights for our bedroom and my office, as well as snake plants for our fireplace. Supposedly, you can find snake plants everywhere, but no! Not in Kalamazoo. We spent Monday afternoon running around to four different stores who should have but did not have any snake plants. I wanted something to thrive rather than barely survive in low light. We joked that you can find anything at IKEA, so why not snake plants? Another score:


We concluded our adventure with dinner and dessert at the Cranbrook Whole Foods on the outskirts of Ann Arbor. Vegan mocha cake? Um, yum! Don’t mind if we did.

We will return to all of these locations for more food and fun, but we’re happy to report that we felt so grateful to return to Kalamazoo. We love our new home and its proximity to so much in town convenience, food, music and the arts, as well as so many opportunities for day trips. Yesterday afternoon brought the planting of another 80 daffodils — three months of blooms — and today, I’ve got to get those snake plants into larger pots. For now, though, I return to writing and sessions … another day in the heart of Dra’Faven.