Catherine Carrigan Now Offers Usui Holy Fire Reiki

After practicing and teaching Reiki for 18 years, I’ve recently had the privilege of studying Usui Holy Fire Reiki with William Rand, president of the International Center for Reiki Training. When a long-term client first told me about Usui Holy Fire Reiki I admit I wasn’t too impressed. But when I tuned in, I received […]



Garden Photos and Radio Show Link for Friday, May 18

As promised, here’s the link and time conversion for tomorrow’s (Friday, May 18, 2018) radio show. You can listen to the show from anywhere with internet access by clicking here at 1:30 p.m. Eastern this Friday.

For your convenience, that’s:

10:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight time

11:30 a.m. Mountain time

12:30 p.m. Central

16:30 UK time

17:30 in Western Europe and South Africa

7:30 a.m. Hawaii time

1:30 a.m. in Taiwan

and 3:30 a.m. in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re not in those areas, you can still listen at that time, but those are the main regions I know I have blog readers and clients.

Last week, we discussed the challenges and gifts of Chronic Lyme disease, my Metaphysics of Lyme Disease book in progress, and we also touched astrology as a healing tool and some of my encounters with the Spirit World. For now, that show is archived here.

And now for some garden pictures! First, the cutest little faery house setup we’ve ever seen — David bought it as an early birthday gift for me. You can see it next to some bachelor’s buttons getting ready to bloom, alongside purple verbena:


Our hodgepodge of permaculture and annuals in the ground just in front of our porch is finding its balance. We’ve got strawberry plants, thyme, various lettuces, ruby red chard, some purple kale, alongside the holly bushes the previous owners cut to the ground. It’s a bumble bee heaven there, with vinca, dandelions, chickweed, and soon to be red clover, columbines, blue iris, and what looks like wild baptisia. If I’m right about the baptisia, it’s yet another time I invited a particular plant into our yard only to find it the next day. We shall see!


Here’s the front bed from another angle, with chives, lettuce, chard, snapdragons and pansies in pots, with the Big Bag Bed and fabric grow pots streetside:


Our weeping birch is trying very hard to leaf out. A neighbor told me yesterday that this is the furthest south you can grow birch trees, and I already knew this one would have preferred planting anywhere besides right next to the driveway and concrete path. We love this tree, so I do hope those other buds turn as green as the leaves already out on the bottom. In theory, those leafed out first because of the piles of leaf mulch I added over grass and dandelions warming the ground faster in that area with decomposition. Here’s hoping!

Below, you can see the tree’s spiral structure in its place of honor amidst all the fabric grow pots and Big Bag Beds. I planted a mixture of perennials and annuals in the bags last year and this spring. This photo shows wormwood, garden sage, pineapple sage, magenta yarrow, a blueberry bush, lavender, rosemary, fennel, parsley, radicchio, spinach, garlic, pansies, snapdragons, a miniature thyme, chives, iris, pansies, sedum, oregano, coreopsis, codonopsis, and cranberry:


Yesterday, I added some hen and chicks to the front mulched area alongside the driveway. Those non-edibles joined red dragon and green sedum and should fill in the area. I’m trying to keep the birch tree’s roots cooler, since it struggles in hot weather next to the blacktop:


Other beds and bags include more lettuce varieties, basil, tomato, garlic, an about to be flowering collard plant from last year, blue lobelia, more snapdragons, peppers, golden beets, Egyptian walking onions, two varieties of hyssop, several types of hummingbird mint, more chives, and peppermint, chocolate mint, cilantro, and yellow celosia. On the other side of the driveway, we’ve also got potted dianthus, lavender, orange day lilies, and a tomato plant. I just remembered I need to get some love-in-a-mist in the ground. I love those little beauties!


I planted the mint and alliums as deer and groundhog deterrent. So far, mostly good. I opted for the Big Bag Beds and various grow pots last year so as not to disturb existing tree roots, and also because our neighborhood’s in flux with mandatory sewer hookups instead of existing septic, along with a very much opposed potential sidewalk situation. I decided not to plant much in the ground besides daffodils until we have a better idea what’s happening where. Unfortunately, that means a delay on planting my beloved and much missed Robinhood Roses from the Goshen garden, but their gorgeous scent and six months of blooms will just need to wait awhile longer:


I’ll show the backyard setup another time. The elderberry and aronia berry bushes and rhubarb are doing well so far in the 20-gallon pots, and I’ve got a Big Bag Bed full of garlic, a 20-gallon plastic pot of stinging nettles on concrete slabs, and 10-gallon pots full of Casa Blanca lilies, along with a bed of soon to be yellow irises, clematis, delphinium and much more. The owner prior to the previous owners did such a beautiful landscaping job, so I’ve just added things in as I can without disrupting the original flow or design.

Lucy the Starchild Groundhog mostly hangs out back there, munching dandelions and sunning herself like a cat in the red bee balm and lavender pots. She’s a little shapeshifter, looking and acting at times like a bear cub, a cat, a groundhog, or a small dog. We have no idea if she’s really a she, but she has very feminine energy and strict orders not to get pregnant or venture into the front yard garden ever again. That unfenced front area is off limits and ironically far more “secure” than our totally fenced backyard rotating zoo.

Happy gardening to you and yours! Enjoy the beauty, and I’ll post photos of the dozens of peonies and multi-colored irises when they bloom. Again, if you’d like to listen to tomorrow’s (Friday, May 18th) radio show, you can do that at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight time (same as New York City), by clicking here. I have no idea what we’ll discuss, since I just go with the flow, but who knows? Maybe we’ll talk permaculture, food sovereignty, and working with Nature Spirits and the Land.



Ann Kreilkamp ~ Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus heralds, within hours, two powerful sign changes: Uranus from Aries to Taurus, Mars from Capricorn to Aquarius

Ann Kreilkamp, who happens to be my very inspiring and Uranian astrology mentor, as well as the founder of Green Acres Permaculture Village, gives her take on tomorrow’s big shifts.

New Moon in Taurus, Uranus (who rules Aquarius) moving from Aries (who rules Mars) into (Venus ruled) earthy Taurus, and Mars moving from (Saturn ruled) earthy Capricorn into Aquarius. We’ve got several layers of Uranus-Taurus-Mars activity tomorrow, and that’s just the beginning. In addition to possible financial and political ramifications, Ann gets into the potential for Uranus in Taurus to revolutionize how we grow food — a topic close to both of our hearts. Much more here for the astro-curious.


Appreciation to the Tribe of Invisible Mothers

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this poignant message. I know it will speak to so many of the women I know who have had miscarriages or still births. Blessings and love to all

Sophia's Children

Yes, Mother’s Day, and a happy one, with best wishes, for traditional mothers everywhere.

There is another tribe of mothers, though …

… probably several … that go unseen and unsung in our culture. It’s this tribe — my tribe — that I’m rippling “seeing and song,” homage and appreciation to today.

My Motherhood tribe is part of a tribe made up of about 20-percent of women (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit fewer, depending on the country and culture), so no small group of people. Just less visible, or actually invisible.

A Music Party, 1861, Arthur Hughes.

First though, a quickie look at the origins of Mother’s Day.

Turns out, that Mother’s Day in the U.S. was seeded in 1908 when Virginian Anna Marie Jarvis held a memorial service for her own mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis.

In the U.K. tradition of Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday of…

View original post 1,263 more words


What Is Dead Pelvis Syndrome?

Dead Pelvis Syndrome is an energetic imbalance identified by Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, a Sri Lankan veterinary pathologist, martial arts instructor and founder of Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK). According to Dr. Brito-Babapulle, the emotions of anger, fear, guilt and shame shut down the flow of energy in our pelvis. “The etheric matrix of the pelvis is […]


Catherine Carrigan Now Offers Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK)

Catherine Carrigan now offers Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK). Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) was developed by Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle of Beckenham, Kent, England, after many years of research and careful observation of the human energy system. TEK uses principles from Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine, the chakra model, energy gates, Weihe and trigger points to balance the […]


Radio Show this Friday, May 11th

As I mentioned, my first half-hour show on this station garnered such a huge audience and positive response that I got generously sponsored for another five shows, which begin this Friday, May 11, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight time (same as New York City). You can listen to the show from anywhere with internet access by clicking here at 1:30 p.m. Eastern this Friday.

For your convenience, that’s:

10:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight time

11:30 a.m. Mountain time

12:30 p.m. Central

16:30 UK time

17:30 in Western Europe and South Africa

7:30 a.m. Hawaii time

1:30 a.m. in Taiwan

and 3:30 a.m. in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re not in those areas, you can still listen at that time, but those are the main regions I know I have blog readers and clients.

Last time we discussed how I started doing intuitive work, some unusual childhood experiences, past lives and how they relate to healing, how the body speaks the soul’s language, resistance, Fate, and spiritual calling/life path. During the first 8-minute interview, we covered medical intuition (what it is, how and why I do it), my life changing traumatic brain injury, blessings in disguise, and the best and most difficult aspects of working as a medical intuitive.

I don’t know which topics we’ll cover this time. People have enjoyed the spontaneity, so we’ll continue along those lines for this show. Thanks to those of you who’ve expressed support and excitement about this series. I’m just rolling with the synchronicities, so we’ll see where it all leads.


Uranus in Taurus: What I’m Noticing So Far

On May 16, 2018, zany, chaotic, high in the sky, liberating Uranus moves into slow, solid, steady, earthy Taurus. Whenever a slow moving planet changes signs, we can expect some major shifts. Some astrologers are predicting the end of the Taurean Bull financial system with a switch to Uranian Bitcoin. Others are predicting earthquakes, both physical and metaphysical. I’m not a doom and gloomer, but in recent sessions, I’m already noticing the lead up to this shift.

The effects depend upon the person, how “stuck” they are or how open to big, liberating changes. Like the Tower card of Tarot, Uranus can answer desperate prayers for change, but how we experience that change depends on our ability to recognize and embrace the answered prayers.


One example would be the person who hates his job, who has long wanted out but can’t find the “how,” suddenly getting fired or having an accident that prevents him from doing that job. (I had some heavy duty Uranus transits at the time of my 1998 car accident that caused a life changing TBI.) A more harmonious version of this same dynamic features the person who senses a needed career change and instead of waiting for the “how” to reveal itself, that person follows a “hop, skip and jump” approach — dead reckoning her way forward via synchronicities and awareness.

The first person feels the lightening strike as a trauma-drama. The second person anticipates the strike and commits to liberation pre-strike. For the open and prepared person, lightening arrives as a signal and confirmation of universal support for change. Both versions will dismantle the old stuck paradigms and require something new, bolder and more authentic, but the resistant option externalized as “Fate” tends to take longer for the blessing to reveal itself. The embracing option looks drastic or even reckless from the outside, but on the inside, the person feels supported and clear of the next, then the next, then the next steps to take. The less conscious (resistant) version operates on the subconscious victim of circumstances level and thus offers much less choice. The more conscious (embracing) version consciously co-creates the new life and therefore unfolds more as “ease-n-please” than “trauma-drama.”

[Note the Freudian typo of lightening instead of lightning strike. Highly symbolic, so I left it!]

Because Uranus moves slowly relative to Earth, the lead-up to a sign change already begins inner rumblings, especially for sensitive or intuitive folks. With Uranus moving into Earthy Taurus, even people firmly ensconced in Ye Olde 3D World feel an impending shake-up. In the past few weeks, increasing with each week, I’ve dealt with an unusually high number of people facing neurological issues. Multiple strokes, concussions, extreme brain fog, migraines, neurological glitches, and more: every day seems to bring a new level of weirdness. When possible, I track astrological transits during these neurological events, and I find very high and signficant Uranus activity in all those charts. This move into Taurus heightens the effects, because Uranus the bringer of radical changes is itself going through a radical change.

Yesterday, I found myself repeating similar advice to several clients: “The old rules no longer apply. Change has been calling for awhile. Now it’s knocking on your door. Change will bang down that door if you don’t make some committed move in the new direction. What seemed safe is now the riskier option.” In one of my all time favorite quotes, Anais Nin wrote of this truth:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

What changes keep calling, nagging and knocking in your life? How might you blossom from your known, tight bud? Chaos and change bring opportunity to those who commit to growth and liberation, take action and expect miracles. If you need support to discern those opportunities, please feel free to reach out. I offered the May Specials anticipating some Uranian upheaval and up-leveling.

Peace and empowerment to you and yours.



High Vibe Samples and Gifts: EMF Protection, Spice Mixers, Lotus, Owl and Spring Garden Goodies

I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of samples and gifts, especially this past April. I wanted to share some of these here, because they’re great. I have no financial connection to any of these companies or items … just passing along some high vibe goodness!

EMF Protection

David from Aires Tech synchronously reached out to me just as I began writing about EMF sensitivity in my Metaphysics of Lyme Book. In 2013,

I wrote about my amazing experience with orgone energy, but I also wanted to recommend something more easily portable for laptops, phones or when going somewhere with very high EMF radiation. Aires Tech offered to send samples for my consideration, and I eagerly accepted. I love that they back their technology with independent testing. Placebos can be very powerful and often do have validity; however, it’s nice when science supports my own sensitivity.


Above you can see from left to right, the Aires Shield Extreme, Aires Defender Infinity, and the Aires Black Crystal. Even before I opened the packages, I could feel a surge of positive energy. I put the Aires Defender Infinity on my desk chair, because I’ve got our wifi router and a Smart Meter behind me. The stack of orgone pucks in front of our router has mitigated a lot of the energies, but I definitely feel a difference with the Defender Infinity. I also love that you can slip this credit card sized defense into your pocket or wallet, and the case even allows the option of wearing it as a necklace.


I put the Aires Black Crystal on the back of my laptop, and I can now stream longer videos on my MacBook Pro without feeling fried. Using my laptop as a lap device also feels much more energetically compatible with the Black Crystal:


I already have a non-removable EMF shield on my iPhone, so I’m waiting to apply the Aires Shield Extreme to a new cellphone, whenever I update it. I know my current shield does something, because I cannot use an iPhone without it, but I’m curious to see the results of the Shield Extreme on a new phone, especially since Kalamazoo is an early adopter of 5G. If this shield works as noticeably as the other two samples, I’m sure I’ll love it. Again, I have no financial or other connection to Aires Technology. They just synchronously offered samples right when I was asking the Universe for something scientifically proven, which I could recommend in my Lyme book. Also synchronously, it looks like today was a good day to review their products, because Aires Tech is having a Flash Sale for 30% off their usual prices. Gotta love the sync winks!

Spice Mixers

While in Pennsylvania, I tried out the Amp Coil, also as research for my Metaphysics of Lyme book. My mom and I both enjoyed our sessions, and the device lived up to my intuitive sense about it, as well as testimonials from people who found it invaluable in their Lyme recovery. The husband of the person administering our Amp Coil session was a self-described “Lymie,” who began studying alchemy, herbs and spices as part of his own recovery. Vaughn decided to sample me all five of his Spice Mixers, “E-Lyme-inator,” “Chem-Trail,” “Mood-El,” “Lion’s Gate,” and “Calm Ocean.”


You can see four of the five pictured above, since I gifted “Calm Ocean” to someone who can use it more than me. Although somewhat similar on the surface, each mix contains a different blend of spices and trace minerals. The effects are subtle, yet powerful, and I love that these all contain black cumin — often touted as a miracle healer. These are not FDA tested or approved as supplements, but they make a potent addition to tea or even warm water with raw honey. I look forward to mixing these into almond butter or other spreads or salad dressings, too. I consider them elixers, appreciated as much for their energy as any chemical constituents. You can find out about individual Spice Mixers here. Again, no financial connection and no medical advice, just sharing a good thing.

Lotus Mandala Necklace

Continuing the high vibe samples and gifts, I returned from Pennsylvania to find this lovely necklace from the lovely Bridey at Paging Mrs. Zen:


I love the intricate design, and the lotus symbol was perfect to return to after my NDE on the way home! You can read about lotus symbolism here. I appreciated the no strings attached, thoughtful gift that arrived in perfect timing.

As described by Bridey, “Paging Mrs. Zen’s mission is to promote mindfulness, kindness and compassion, both to oneself and to others. This website is a place for all things zen, both in the literature shared and the mindful products sold. Rather than focusing on what’s trending at the moment, products are carefully selected to serve as inspiration for your meditation practice and everyday life. They serve to be reminders to help you to be more present, grateful, forgiving, loving and aware. I have also introduced some eco-friendly, plant-based organic and vegan products.”

Mysterious Owl

This next gift holds an air of mystery, both in origins and giver. Longtime blog readers know that I have a huge connection with owls. They synchronously appear at important times in my life, usually right before, during or after a major shift. They also appear to people close to me — in dreams, hoots or “real life” sightings — and somehow these people sense the association with me. This most recent trip to Pennsylvania was pivotal for me, as my Loose Ends, Astrology and My NDE post explains.

In the middle of my trip, a package arrived for my mom from Amazon. She had not ordered it herself, but it came with no gift card or gift receipt inside. We assumed someone sent it to her as a birthday gift, since my mom collects owls; however, research into the suspected givers yielded no results. My mom tried on the owl shirt, and it was too small for her. It fit me perfectly, though, so we wondered if maybe the owl came as a mysterious gift for me.


Pardon the awkward mirror shot. I took that when David was away for his two weeks of training. Nearly a month later, we still don’t know who sent the owl, but given my adventures on the way home, as well as a friend’s prescient owl dream connected to my NDE, I’m inclined to honor the Mystery with gratitude. Owls always reveal themselves as protectors and guides for me, a comforting presence when things get beyond my usual level of extremely weird. I ended up having not one, but three NDE’s that same week, with the third triggering a massive inner shift. I feel very different inside, although to most people I seem the same. Things feel much more fluid, and that’s all I can say right now. I don’t even think I could share in fiction what really transpired in the third NDE that week. Rest assured, that window has passed, and I feel grateful for Owl’s presence at another key moment in my life.

Say it with Flowers

Anyone who’s followed my gardening adventures for the past seven years knows that I love flowers. Some of the nicest gifts I’ve ever given myself include Fall-planted bulbs that bloom in Spring. Although our Kalamazoo yard featured its own beauty when we bought our house, David helped me plant 200 daffodils last Fall, because there’s nothing like daffodils to bring Spring cheer after a long, grey, snowy Winter. Here are shots from our yard this morning, the first, right before the rain began, and the second, featuring daffodils with our weeping cherries through the rain:



I spent Beltane as Crazy Plant Lady, envisioning and pre-ordering next year’s Beltane magic, which will turn our many front yard dandelions into part of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” via the addition of early, mid and late blooming blue flowers. Between Snow Glories that will peek through snow and various grape hyacinths in blues and occasional whites, our organic front yard will look even more intentional than the daffodils make it seem. I’ll need to remind myself (and David) this Autumn of the gift of color and lawn tapestries come Spring, as we plant another 200+ bulbs, but I cannot wait to see a starry “lake” in our front yard next year.

This concludes today’s recap of high vibe samples and gifts. I live such a blessed life that listing all the recent gifts would turn into a gratitude post a mile long. Many small sync winks might seem ordinary from the outside looking in, but to me, they whisper poetry and music of the spheres. Life is sweet, and when we allow ourselves to receive its offerings, we have so much more to share with others. Blessed Be … and be the blessing.