Walking on Lake Michigan at Sunset

Yesterday, David and I went to Holland, MI to celebrate some big shifts in my half-Dutch hubby’s life and our life together. We piled on layers in anticipation of the cold, but had no idea we’d find such stunning views and comradery among so many other sunset viewers. We also had no idea we’d find mountains of ice waves, a real ice breaker, and be able to walk so far into Lake Michigan.

In short, it was another unexpected twist of fun and beauty. When we open ourselves to the Mystery, surprises tickle us at every turn.











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Timothy Glenn ~ 2018: Welcome to the Storm

Today’s post comes from my “tell-it-like-it-is” friend, the beloved Timothy Glenn. In retrospect, you’ll find his pre-Eclipse article from August 2017 eerily prophetic. I have a few notes before his article begins. Since people always ask me for my own take on Tim’s information, I’ll share my comments here.
I very much agree with Tim’s observations about the Opt-Out Clause. I was just saying, “People are dropping like flies these days — young ones, too.” In addition to our dear friend Tim Martin who passed right before Saturn went into Capricorn, I’ve supported so many people and animals as they crossed over these past few months, and/or helped their remaining loved ones process the changes.
I do want to mention that in addition to those opting out, with the fertility work I do, I also see so many amazing souls opting in. The huge hearts, creativity and determination of the souls coming in right now, as well as those who’ve incarnated in the past few years, give me tremendous hope and inspiration for humanity and our planet. Please don’t read this post as a doom and gloom post! As Anatole France said, “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is apart of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another.” The old world is dying, but I know so many people embracing the new world in astonishing and beautiful ways.

Tim uses the word “sheeple,” which I don’t tend to use, as it can sound condescending. If you feel the same way, for the purposes of this article, perhaps consider the differences between sheep and goats. Saturn just entered its home sign of Capricorn — the goat. If you’ve ever watched sheep and goats on a farm, at a fair, or in the wild, you can’t help noticing the sheep (except the black ones — they really are different!) just going along to get along. Meanwhile, the goats seem to have a lot more fun. I adore their hilarious antics, curiosity, tossing aside of rules, and their determination to get wherever they want to go and to explore whatever they want to experience.
We’ve entered a time that favors goats. If you’ve followed the sheepish way your whole life, now’s a great time to cut loose and enjoy the journey! And now, here’s Tim:


2018: Welcome to the Storm

By Timothy Glenn

A couple months ago, I started but didn’t finish writing an article called “It’s Already in the Fan”. This is how it began:

2017: SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan)
2018: SFOOTF (Shit Flies Out of the Fan)

If you pan the camera back and watch world events unfold in slow motion, you can then get a feel for this analogy. However, the masses have little sense of timing, a severely diminished attention span, and an extremely short memory. The criminal cabal that has been running and ruining the world counts on those phenomena to maintain its bogus narrative.

Many millions of people still sleepwalk under the spell of the Matrix, and continuously reinforce their programming by relying on so-called mainstream media; the corporate propaganda machine. The system plays a game of distraction through lies, distortions and misrepresentations to inculcate into the populous a wildly false worldview.

Meanwhile, those of us who are no longer under the spell have been connecting dots that remain unseen by the sleepwalkers, otherwise known as the sheeple. We are vigilant. We are diligent. And we can assure you that a more complete picture will emerge in 2018. By the end of the year, the sheeple who are still unable to awaken will appear like a species apart, and it might behoove us to leave them far behind on the evolutionary path.

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” That was more than a hundred years ago, and now the situation is more than a hundred times more drastic.

Here is an excerpt from the article Eclipsing Our Reality, posted on Laura Bruno’s blog back during the influential August eclipses:

The Planetary Data Dump

“Independent researchers, journalists and investigators have been unearthing massive troves of data to expose the workings of the political, religious and economic machine that has long held humanity in abject slavery. This eclipse season will give their efforts a welcome boost. But what will so many typical Earthlings do when their favorite political figures and entertainers are revealed as the criminals they have been all along? Suggestion: deal with it.”

Now let’s get into 2018…

2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

Card 11 in the Tarot deck is Justice, depicting a woman who wields the Sword of Justice. Taking this into the context of the overall chart of the world, 2018 will become a year of comeuppance, a year of consequences.

Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn right after the Winter Solstice, and is delivering a sobering message: get serious; get real.

It has been said that the disclosure of what has been happening on Planet Earth needs to be done incrementally. As a wise old man said back in the 1970’s: if people knew one tenth of a percent of what is really going on in this world, they would lose it; freak out; short circuit; come unglued; fall apart. A recent assertion states that if this grand revelation were thrust upon the sheeple all at once, more than half the population would be so traumatized, they would have to be hospitalized. Among other considerations, we don’t have the facilities.

The mesmerized sheeple adore certain so-called celebrities, who carry on as perverts and criminals behind the scenes. But the Sword of Justice also doubles as the Sword of Truth, and will cut through the facades of the creepazoids pretending to be the good guys. Suggestion: brace yourselves, and get ready for a variation on the term Hollywood Ending.

Truth Will Out

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17

That is not merely a nice-sounding Bible quote, but a universal principle. Everything is The Field, and will ultimately awaken to that Reality. As we awaken more and more to our own reality as The Field, we will be able to perceive the truth about everything else within The Field. And on the human level, some folks may struggle with a lot of what they encounter on the path of awakening. Facts are facts, and they don’t care about our feelings.

Again from the article Eclipsing Our Reality:

“The fluffy “it’s all good” crowd will be challenged to look at our collective shadow: war, murder, poverty, rape, conquest, exploitation, abuse, deception, human trafficking, organ harvesting, pedophilia, child sacrifice and on and on and on.”

Anyone can deny reality if they want, but no one can escape the consequences of denying reality. Humanity’s deep, dark, ugly shadow side is emerging for us to face, heal and integrate.

Fair Is Fair

Most facets of the human world have been run by predator souls from other realms, who are capable of incarnating in human form. These forms include human/alien hybrid bloodlines that pass for human; and they have done this throughout our known history. They epitomize the analogy of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This is not a matter of good versus evil, however much it may appear that way. They are predators and we have long been something they eat. Their favorite methods of feeding may look abhorrent to us, but what do we look like to cattle? As above, so below.

If we take freedom away from cattle, breed them to suit our purposes, and kill them for food, where is our room for complaint when a more powerful and more intelligent species does the same to us? We have already set the template for how we deserve to be treated.

But the main point here is that a huge portion of humanity’s collective shadow is not necessarily human. And we would not be prey unless we had acquiesced at some level, so we do have culpability and responsibility here.

However we adjudicate matters as they rise to the surface, there will be a balance to find and maintain with our scales of Justice.

Truth and Reconciliation

As far back as the early 1990’s, a point emphasized in the Proterrian channelings has been that unless we adopt an official policy of forgiveness, we’re screwed. This has nothing to do with being a doormat or continuing to wallow in victimhood. But we are also warned against indulging in an unbridled lust for vengeance, in which case we would be dragged down to the level of the predators, and the fight would most likely go on for ages.

We want the truth to be known and the violations to end. We could reconcile by peacefully co-existing or vibrating into separate realms or shifting onto different timelines. Infinity holds plenty of options for us.

Any part of humanity that clings to its fear, hatred and judgment of the predators will cling to the predators. This applies to us individually as well as collectively.

Some people in the “truth movement” bang their fists on the table and yell about bringing “these criminals to justice”. This is one more area where we simply don’t have the facilities. For example, it would prove extremely impractical to put a third of the government in jail, plus their myriad cronies in the private sector, not to mention the “owners” who pull all the strings.

Once the facts have emerged into the open, the violators will be known. Most of them will learn to behave themselves after being exposed, because no one will want to vote for them or do business with them. They will be stripped of their power, which had been based on illusion all along.

Contract Nullification

2018 will also offer opportunities to enact another form of Justice for ourselves. We can declare “soul contracts” and other such entrapments to be null and void. If you find you have been misled and manipulated into agreeing to commitments that no longer resonate with you, then you can gracefully dissolve all such entanglements. If you have been conned into signing a tract, feel free to tear it up.

The Luciferians have been obsessed with agreements. They have all made their deals with the devil, but they will now begin to see that Lucifer does not deliver. He may have lieutenants who provide goodies as incentives, so long as there is a use for the recipients. But sooner or later, his minions will outlast their usefulness and then be hung out to dry. They will find out that Lucifer has been as dishonest with them as they have been with the rest of us. As above, so below.

The Opt-Out Clause

As a soul prepares to incarnate in this world, a little quirk seems to go unnoticed: It always looks easier from there!

Many times a soul will find itself cut off from its human component to the degree that it seems unlikely ever to accomplish the mission, so the soul opts out. There can be a wide variety of reasons a soul may choose to leave the game before the end of “regulation play”. Within the constructs of the Matrix, this process is known as death.

The soul also has a much clearer view of the road ahead than its human personality does. In times such as these, many souls determine that their human selves would sustain far too much damage by facing the looming events of the near future, so they invoke the opt-out clause. You may have noticed an uptick in this phenomenon lately, and we could very well see an increase as 2018 unfolds.

Disclosure for True Closure

In 2018 we will take significant steps forward in our journey of disclosure: finding out more of our true history and actual standing in the galaxy. This will automatically pave the way for closure with the old world; with its minions, and with its way of life and death.

Some folks may choose to go down with the ship of the old world. They may not be able to face the reality of their idols and heroes being revealed as the scumbags and villains who had pulled the wool over their eyes, deceiving and exploiting them. Well, blessings on your journeys, guys.

It will take years to sort everything out. 2018 will not bring about the ultimate resolution, but will mark the beginning of the end.

Timothy Glenn

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Free Docuseries About Brain Health

My mom made me aware of this “Broken Brain” 8-part docuseries of free information for anyone who’s suffering from or knows anyone facing brain challenges like ADHD, Brain Fog, Autism, Depression, and/or Dementia. I would also include people with Lyme Disease, Candida or Traumatic Brain Injury as likely to benefit from this information. I’ve not had a chance to listen through the full first episode, but I’m posting this while you still have time to catch the talk. You can watch the series trailer and sign up here.

The series focuses not only on brain problems, but also on how to foster optimal brain health, energy and mental clarity. I have no connection with this series, but I know a lot of blog readers and clients have found me through Lyme Disease, Autism and TBI support groups. Just wanted to pass along some inspiration and empowerment.

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Favorite Immunity Boosters

I thought I’d reblog this 2009 post listing my favorite immunity boosters. I think I’ve had only two colds or flu’s in the past fourteen years, and one of those was when I forgot to use oil of oregano after spending an unplanned 40 minutes waiting in sub zero temps inhaling car fumes and chemtrails. Under normal circumstances, I don’t get sick.

Since 2009, I’ve also become a fan of Four Sigmatic’s Chaga-Cordyceps and Chaga-Lion’s mane mushroom coffees, as well as Organo Gold Reishi coffee. Those are the only mushroom (or other) coffees I drink, but I love them. I also take some extra vitamin C if I encounter anyone sick.

As usual, this is not medical advice. I’m just sharing my own experiences, because people have been asking how to support their own immune system.

Many blessings and good health to you and yours!

Laura Bruno's Blog

With all the concern over the Flu, I thought I’d post some of my favorite tips for staying well. You don’t need to buy into the American pharmaceutical industry in order to benefit from some extra health precautions. I haven’t gotten a cold or flu since 2004, despite working in close proximity with many people who’ve been very ill and coughed or sneezed all over me. 🙂 Here are my top-twelve quick fixes whenever I feel a bit under the weather. As usual, I’m just sharing my own experiences and observations; nothing here constitutes medical advice:

1 )  Oil of Oregano. This stuff rocks! I bring some with me every time I travel by plane, because it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. A few drops in water (putting it on the tongue as instructed burns like crazy) helps me feel immune to any sneezing or coughing going straight into…

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Some Quick Updates


First of all, yes, it’s snowy and cold, and I love it! We’re having so much fun in this winter wonderland.


Yes, I’m writing. I returned to the nonfiction book about healing Lyme disease, since my foray into fiction and an avalanche of synchronicities revealed a different, more engaging way to write this book. No idea when I’ll finish, but it’s going well. My fiction and fiction research continue, too.

I’ve also done final, final edits on my chapter in Mike Clelland‘s upcoming book, “Stories from the Messengers.” I’m making my way through a review copy, and so far, so fascinating. 🙂 I’ll write a full review once he releases the official version of the book.

David and I continue to settle in, exploring, creating and refining the new as we move into Imbolc season at the end of January. Just a quick reminder for anyone interested in the 8-Day Wheel of the Year Special: tomorrow (Monday, January 15th) marks the last day to sign up for that year of eight focused sessions and Reiki Healing Attunements.

So many beautiful and synchronous events continue to unfold here, and I feel such gratitude to witness and experience the shifts. Wishing you and yours a magical week!

Blessed Be … and be the blessing.

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Manifestation, Law of Attraction and Creativity

This April 2010 post wants to go up again. Creativity keeps coming up in so many recent sessions, so I figure it’s probably up in the larger collective, too. Whether you consider yourself an artist, a poet, or a lump on a log with zero creative impulse, you ARE a creator. Why not tap into that power to create something magnificent?!

Laura Bruno's Blog

For years I have recommended clients and students get in touch with their creative side, wherever that may lead. Some people journal, others decide to paint, prepare food, or make movies or jewelry. Whatever the medium, creativity provides a great outlet for emotions, as well as a way to track progress.

The real reason I suggest creative projects so often, though, has more to do with manifestation and the Law of Attraction. So many people these days view themselves as “uncreative.” You would not believe how many people argue with me that they “don’t have a creative bone” in their body. Not only is this perception untrue, but it can cause paralysis. No, not usually on the physical plane! But people who feel stuck in life tend to be the ones who most deny their own creativity.

Why does this present a problem? Well, from a Life Coaching or…

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8-Day Wheel of the Year Special

Here we are at 1/8/18, and I feel led to open this opportunity for the next eight days. Over the years, many clients, friends, and blog readers have inquired about my own personal holidays — or, rather, Holy Days — intrigued by the way that big events in David’s and my life seem to unfold in a cyclical order of richly layered meaning and inspired action. In private sessions, clients ask about opportune times for various tasks or intentions, as well as ways to deepen and enrich their journey.  So many times, Turns of the Wheel of the Year present themselves as powerful openings for conscious alignment.

Many cultures recognize some version of the Wheel of the Year. Just look at crossovers among holidays: Candlemas, Imbolc/Oimelc, Groundhog’s Day, and St. Bridget’s Day, around the beginning of February (in the Northern Hemisphere); Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, All Saint’s Day in late October/early November; all the festivals of light around Winter Solstice — Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother Night, Yule, Pancha Ganapati, Soyal, and Midwinter Christmas/Christmas in July and Inti Raymi in late June/early July in the Southern Hemisphere.

Honoring and celebrating the Wheel of the Year reclaims secular or religious holidays and seasonal shifts as eight windows of “time out of time,” when the veils grow very thin. Whether we use such times as a reflective pause or to align ourselves with natural cycles, the Wheel of the Year invites us to partner with the Dance of Life.

This $888 8-Day Special will run from 1/8/18 through 1/15/18 and includes eight 40-minute sessions (one scheduled before each Turn of the Wheel, beginning in late January 2018), plus a Reiki Healing Attunement at each Turn. These private sessions will be intuitively tailored to you (and your hemisphere), helping you to recognize synchronicities and supportive energies, as well as to clarify focus, intentions, meditations of your heart, rituals, Earth healing, personal healing, and/or discernment about how to make the most of these openings.

I will not repeat this offer again in 2018. In fact, I don’t know if I will ever repeat this offer, as it involves a year-long commitment on my part, and our lives continue to unfold in beautiful, expansive, yet unpredictable ways. Our own alignment with the Wheel of the Year ensures we continue evolving and embracing new opportunities, so I cannot promise I will offer this again next year.

If you’ve felt called to embrace a deeper connection with the Land and a more soulful experience of time, the 8-Day Wheel of the Year Special offers a discounted bundle of eight sessions and eight Reiki Healing Attunements in order to support and deepen your quest. This $888 bundle saves $968 off an individual investment of $1,856 and also represents my commitment to fit you in for a session prior to each Turn of the Wheel. Please contact me to sign up. Offer expires 1/15/18, because we will need time to schedule before our first Turn in late January/early February.

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Animism: The Rocks Were Alive

I found a link to this video on RMN and just had to share the video images here. For those who spend much time in Nature, this will not come as a surprise, but seeing fifteen minutes of nonstop faces and bodies in the rocks synchronizes that inner knowing with tangible reality.

More from the same youtube channel creator, with explanations and photos detailing that these are natural occurrences, not photoshopped, carved, eroded, or otherwise manipulated.:

Those of you who remember The NeverEnding Story might find some similarities to the Rock Biter, but stories of rock people also abound in mythology and legends from around the world. This link will take you to some wise words from Dr. Sharon Blackie, sharing her own experiences and research into What Rock Knows. She includes snippets from Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, yet another synchronous nod from our dearly departed and extremely active from beyond friend Tim.

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Druidcast 129 ~ Philip Carr-Gomm on Creativity, Story and Magic

This afternoon, I finally had time to catch up on the December 18, 2017 Druidcast, which includes a question and answer session with Philip Carr-Gomm from the OBOD East Coast Gathering. Interspersed with lovely and haunting music, the discussion explores creativity, inspiration (aka Awen), receptivity, the power of Story, and the ethics and expression of magic, ceremony and cultural sharing — especially looking at Maori and Hindu crossovers with Druidry. Here’s the podcast link for anyone interested in the talk.

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How to Increase Your Happiness Set Point in 2018

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I empower my clients to release the blocks that have held you back. Your internal blocks hold you at certain set points. For example, you have set points for how much you weigh. You may go on a diet, lose 50 pounds, and then gain it all […]
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