Here’s another glimpse of our Kalamazoo Spring. Despite a 24-hour cold spell this Sunday into Monday morning, the blooms continue to unfurl. I am so excited to finally have ranunculus! I love these exuberant flowers but have never grown them before:



Candy tufts and daffodils:


Sometimes even my hair joins the party:


Different parts of the office get activated, like this happy bonsai …


… and 2017’s Kalamazoo Kal or one of his lookalike offspring arrived right on time:


Hopefully, this one remains on good behavior, unlike last year’s wicked smart and smell immune Wunderkind. I can handle backyard weed patrol, but I won’t plant lettuce into the front yard beds until my garlic deterrent grows larger and more fragrant.

One of the sillier and more exciting confirmations of Spring is an enlarged selection of locally available sunglasses. I love rose colored glasses on a gray day. They cut the glare without cutting the light, and they make fluorescent lights so much less obnoxious! My rectangular ones have a hairline crack in them, so I have searched high and low for a backup pair. I found these cat eye glasses on Sunday and –despite the photo’s expression — I could not be happier:


That’s my “tell the groundhog who’s boss expression” as I go on cat patrol until the neighbor’s outdoor kitty returns to remind the groundhog that dandelions are fine, but the garden is off limits. Fun times at Dra’Faven! Those rascally groundhogs are annoying, yet they provide hours of entertainment.

What signs of Spring are you observing?