Catherine Grace O ~ Disrupting Menopause Naturally

I want to direct people to an excellent, comprehensive post by Catherine Grace O’Connell with Functional Nutrition expert Leona West. Most people think of hot flashes and weight gain with menopause or even perimenopause, but there are sooooooo many other symptoms! I very often nudge clients to ask their doctor to test their female hormones even if the symptoms seem to be about something else. Dry eyes, vision changes, missing words, memory lapses, heart palpitations, UTI’s, insomnia … the list of potential menopausal symptoms goes on and on. If you’re a woman over 35 and especially if you’ve already hit menopause, I highly recommend this article.



How to Become a Healer Dog

Getting a new dog is always a highly emotional event. You’re happy to have a new puppy but there’s still a big ragged hole in your heart for your former canine companion. When I got Dixie on August 7, 2016, I had been dogless for about 12 heartbreaking days. During that difficult time without a […]


Watch “March 2018 Energy Update – Lee Harris” on YouTube

Thanks to Lee Harris for the video report and to Dawn for the write-up. I definitely agree on both the creativity and the body response to people pleasing. Our bodies are excellent guides if we can’t decide. I call it “bumper bowling” when symptoms erupt to keep us more firmly on path. If we give ourselves permission just to follow our path without needing an excuse, then the bumpers (symptoms) don’t need to inflate.

Deer Heart Reiki Blog

Lee shares what the energy is about this month.

We need to check in with ourselves in regards to people pleasing. Coming up allot for people and releasing that. When we agree to do something but our body is not in alignment with that it’s a key that we are people pleasing.

Also noted was conflict. Conflicting opinions, sharp edges where that’s concerned. Lee suggested to focus on the positive outcome of change and not what is dissolving, which will help to ride the wave of creativity into the newer realms.

Lastly, creativity assists in allowing us to come into our purpose as we are all needed. Now through June there will be lots of focus on our intent and execution of what that might look like.

Thanks so much Lee Harris.

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March 2018 Specials

With increased focus on healing and integration, this month features a Medical Intuitive Special, as well as a new special called “Grace in the Workplace.” As always, I intuit the month’s specials based on whatever I sense will offer most support to the most people this month. Details below:

40-Minute Medical Intuitive Special

Save 25% ($44) off the usual rate for a 40-Minute Medical Intuitive Reading.

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. It is not meant to replace traditional medical or psychological treatment, and it is not any form of medical or psychological treatment.

Instead, Medical Intuitive readings look for the root cause of continuing symptoms or conditions. Without addressing the root cause, even the “right” treatments or treatment providers fail to find a cure … or … a person continues to experience one new issue after another. By locating the root cause, a Medical Intuitive reading allows the individual to understand what the soul wants, so that healing can move through all the levels, including physical.

$133 (instead of the usual $177) for 40 minutes, if purchased on or before 3/31/18. Please contact me to sign up.


Grace in the Workplace

This new hour-long special delves deeply into career dynamics, looking to harmonize mismatches and conflicts, in order to shift into more graceful, ease filled and fulfilling work. Depending on your situation, this reading can assist with burnout, dissatisfaction, relocation, expansion, career change, or simply embracing much more Divine and supportive flow.

Many people inquire how I manage to grow and sustain a business without using social media, advertising or typical marketing. They ask me things like:

What energetic or mental tricks does this require and how can I learn them? How can I find better balance between work and play? How do I attract more compatible clients, coworkers and/or boss? How do I find more satisfaction in my current job while I prepare to move into my dream career? Do I need to consider an intermediate step? Where do I block the natural ease and grace wanting to unfold in my life’s work? What steps can I take right now to open myself to receive what my soul longs to experience?

If any of this sounds like you, too, then perhaps you’re the reason I feel led to offer this new special. $188 for the hour session if prepaid on or before 3/31/18. Please contact me to sign up.



I walked into my office this afternoon to find “Arthur,” my crystal writing muse, positively glowing.


This is an untouched photo of the afternoon sun hitting an angle I’ve never seen before. Good sign, eh?

Also a quick reminder that Wednesday’s the last day to sign up for February Specials: “Creative Jump-Start” and/or the “Reiki Master Teacher Certification Special.” I’ve certainly experienced a creative jump-start this month. The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease book continues to light up with a new structure, expert contributors, and 40,000 words added since February 1.

Wishing everyone creativity and radiant joy as we move into March with Thursday’s glowing Full Moon.


Timothy Glenn ~ Our Newest Nexus Point

Today’s post comes from Timothy Glenn, inspired by a long reply I left on his last post. Discussing two or more versions of reality, I noted, “We have options.” Here’s Tim’s riff on that concept:

Our Newest Nexus Point

By Timothy Glenn

Questions keep arising over our current evolutionary trajectory. A lot of people express concern over the future of Earth, and how prophecies of the planetary transition into the New Earth might manifest. At the root of these ponderings we find the curious assumption that there is only one Earth, one Reality and only one way for everything to unfold.

Back in the late 70’s, Richard Bach’s follow-up to Jonathan Livingston Seagull captured a wide and enthusiastic audience: Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. In this book it was emphasized that we are all living in our own worlds/dimensions/realities while sharing a loosely connected consensus reality. Another way we used to word it back then was that we are all the “gods” of our own universes. And yet there is only the one Infinite Energy Field.

The Solara writings from back around the Harmonic Convergence presented the Two Earths perspective that we find in the works of Dolores Cannon and others. Some speculate that the New Earth will be formed within the current old world, and then will rise above or peel off into its own reality, giving us two Earths. But why only two?

We have reached a monumental nexus point. To quote the article 2017: Welcome to the Twilight Zone: “This is a time of convergence and divergence of worlds, solar systems, timelines, universes and whatever else. You might be feeling that ‘something’s gotta give’, and you’re right.”

The Choice Point of Eternity

Individuals and various collectives are now entering this vast arena of literally infinite options. Since we are living in what physicists have long called the Field of Infinite Possibilities, why would anybody want to think small in terms of what we can experience?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, “Space…is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is.” And this is only a third dimensional perspective. How many cosmic planes to you suppose there are? How many dimensions can there be? How many light spectra? How many timelines? How many space/time continua? And can there be worlds and realms not limited to space, time, matter and energy?

While their spaceship in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was operating in “probability drive,” Arthur Dent exclaimed to his friend Ford Prefect: “There’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.”

We have arrived at an amazing nexus in our universal journey, and from here we can choose the timeline, world or reality we will live in. We don’t need to obsess over the mechanics of how this will work out, because our spirits already know how to make a quantum leap in evolution, how to transcend holographic worlds, as well as how to create new realms and modes of existence.

Infinite Earths

We have infinite parallel realities. Each parallel has its own infinite parallels. At some point, we can venture far enough afield that the various Earths could no longer be considered parallel. Here we enter the realms Proterrian calls Alternate Earths. Each alternate reality has its own infinite parallels, and so forth.

Continuing such a journey, we would find Related Earths; not close enough to qualify as parallel or alternate, with some more closely related to our Earth than others. Then we would enter Dissimilar Earths, and eventually Alien Earths, etc. And all these worlds have their own infinite parallels. To play off an earlier quote: Infinity is kind of big.

Concepts like this only seem far-fetched to those who have not yet glimpsed the Infinitude within the context of this life, much less become immersed in it with full electric awareness – an experience long known as God Consciousness. But not to worry – infinity will always be right here waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

Shifting into Probability Drive

The future is not some frozen sculpture or preprogrammed inevitability. The future is literally composed of infinite probability lines. We are creating our future in each moment, determined largely by what we are feeling, thinking, saying and doing. We may find that some of those probability lines vibrate with more energy than others, primarily due to what we have been feeling, thinking, saying and doing. It might be wise to pay attention while navigating infinity in Probability Drive. Mindfulness, anyone?

Our consciousness is our Creator. But if we find that we have allowed our consciousness to be hijacked, wisdom behooves us to restore our creatorship to ourselves.

Proterrian says that we create our future by gravitating toward whatever we are most predisposed to accept as Real. It can be really fun to go within and play with our own concepts of reality, and then stretch the boundaries of what we could actually accept as Real.

Through the Looking Glass

Alice laughed. “It’s no use trying,” she said, “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Welcome to the Infinity Shop

Hi! You want options? We’ve got options! Big ones, little ones, red ones, blue ones, or anything you could imagine.

And therein lies the rub for so many people: their imaginations remain limited to the raw materials they have encountered in the Matrix. As a result, their acceptance or rejection of a possibility tends to be determined by their past experience. As long as we base our future on our past, we will interfere with our own transcendence.

As Proterrian loves to point out, our heart’s desire (our soul’s dream) is not here with us in our known reality, so the only place we will ever find it is in the unknown. And yet we are programmed to fear the unknown. In other words, we are programmed to fear our heart’s desire. What an ingenious arrangement.

Whoever wrote the code for the Earth Matrix designed an illusory system deceptive enough to trick infinite souls into keeping themselves limited while living in the midst of Infinity. Giving credit where credit is due: that’s pretty clever.

Separation into Oneness

Circling back to our contemplation of one Earth, two Earths or multiple Earths: take your pick. Since there are infinite New Earths, all with their own infinite parallels, let’s leave our options wide open.

We have groups of people who simply can’t get along in this world, so why not allow them to migrate into their own Earths? Instead of incessantly interfering with each other here, they could separate and move into worlds where they will no longer get in each other’s way. Then they could more gracefully transcend their illusions and ascend back into the infinite oneness, where their former differences would be rendered utterly irrelevant.

This is not meant to imply that you would have to select just one little New Earth to live in. Why would you choose to include such an oppressive limitation in your version of the New Earth? Why not allow yourself the freedom to visit any of the other Earths, or even live simultaneously in multiple New Earths?

We all have our own visions of what Heaven on Earth will look like. And by the time Heaven on Earth is fully manifested, it most likely won’t look like any of our visions. Infinity has a vastly more creative imagination than most Earthlings currently do.

Your future – as well as Earth’s – is yours to create.

Timothy Glenn


Book Review: Stories from the Messengers, by Mike Clelland

In December 2015, I wrote about how I “devoured” Mike Clelland’s book, “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee.” Well, the long-awaited companion volume just became available! As of this writing, “Stories from the Messengers: Owls, UFO’s and a Deeper Reality” is available on Kindle only, but the paperback will get listed very soon. (Perhaps by the time you’re reading this, it already will be.)

The first “Messengers” book stands out as a turning point in my life, forcing me to explore a lifetime of paranormal events, owl encounters and unusual “gifts” within a context I generally kept at bay. For whatever reason, I feel much more comfortable speaking or writing about the Faerie Realm than I do talking about UFO’s. I always sensed a strong connection between them — and the lore supports this sense –but reading so many accounts in Mike’s first book got me to go public with a very enthusiastic book review. Despite my public blog and books, I value privacy. A lot. Especially about some topics. The compelling need to make people aware of “The Messengers” broke through my reticence to address this topic head on in a public way.

The first book explores the phenomenon of owls, synchronicity and UFOs/orbs by interviewing hundreds of experiencers. Stories from the Messengers delves far more deeply into fewer stories. It reads like a spooky, surreal, yet very intimate gathering of friends sharing stories by the fire. As Mike says, “You won’t understand these stories with your brain, but a deeper truth might emerge if you listen with your heart.” I agree.

Full disclosure: some of my own never before shared stories appear in the chapter “Owls and Healing.” When I first received my proof copy, I read the Foreword by Whitley Strieber and the first couple chapters, then skipped to my own chapter so I could get back to Mike with any changes. I thought he did an amazing job turning two years of emails and phone conversations into some kind of coherent and meaningful story. And then, I freaked the heck out! I could not believe I agreed to share all of this material, many of my deepest, most confusing and traumatic experiences, not just with Mike, but with the entire world.

Part of me wanted to revoke all permission to share my stories, but I knew how long and hard he had worked on this book. I also believe to my core about the importance of this project. Despite the yes, sheer terror, of letting these stories see print, I also felt proud to participate in such a sacred project.

After reading all the other accounts in “Stories from the Messengers,” I see I’m not alone in feeling this inner tension between wanting to stay quiet and the need to offer these stories to the world. I recognize and honor the courage of everyone who shared their own vulnerability and most precious moments. This includes Mike, who maintains such compassionate purity as a researcher. He triggered powerful healing by coaxing such hidden wounds and treasures into the light of day. Everyone included in the book works in some capacity as a healer. Shamans, Reiki Master Teachers, therapists, nurses, hands on healers, intuitives, and people at one with nature: they fill every chapter and footnote. It gets eerie after awhile, but I know from my own work the common intersection of all these callings with unusual animal sightings and Near Death Experiences (NDE).

I don’t know how to describe this book other than to recommend you read it. None of the participants offers any clear explanation for our experiences. Nor does Mike. The deeper he delves, the stranger things get. What I call the “Mystery with a capital M” shimmers throughout beautiful, traumatic and/or extremely bizarre memories and documented events. The format of this second “Messengers” book reveals how far profound synchronicities spiral and ripple across time and space — in both individual and “impossibly” interconnected lives. Despite their depth, I suspect that like mine, this sharing reflect only the surface of an endless well.

This collection feels holy.

Everyone, including Mike, shares stories that suggest a highly organized and beautiful “something” beyond full comprehension. Mystics know this feeling. So does anyone who’s survived NDE. Students often express a similar feeling about their Reiki Initiation Attunement, and many shamanic initiations follow similar trajectories to the kinds of tales shared in “Stories from the Messengers.” Going further back, though, these contemporary stories resonate with the oldest stories — our myths, legends and lore. Reading “Stories from the Messengers” invites us to remember these are living stories, with active participants. We, whoever and whatever we are, are part of this Mystery. I have nothing but gratitude for Mike Clelland and everyone and everything who made this possible.




Future’s So Bright …

I planned to share this on Monday, but in many ways, this giggle fest post illustrates the positive, magical and more joyful aspects of Timothy Glenn’s “Smoking Hopium” post. The following events occurred on Valentine’s Day morning. David manifested the afternoon off, and I scheduled off the morning, too, as a personal day.

In my effort to embrace more of my Capricorn North Node and the December 19, 2016 move of taskmaster Saturn into its home sign of Capricorn, I ordered a goals workbook/2018 planner in addition to my astrological and moon cycle planner. This is not just any goals workbook, though! The usual planners and goal trackers leave me cold and unmotivated, trapped in society’s straightjacket. The more business-y, marketing, left brain, traditional, trendy or regimented it looks or sounds, the more I become my Houdini Gemini self.

I feng shui my Fame area rather than doing any social media or marketing, and I use the “Cosmic Scheduler” to ensure I have just the right amount of money flow and downtime each week. That whole Capricorn discipline thing makes me want to garden or get a massage. Cover my head in a henna mud pie, arrange flowers, or drown that inner tyrant in green juice. I get things done — lots of them, in fact — but I do so by giving myself so many options that “hard work” feels like playing hooky instead of buckling down. There’s a reason I’m self employed. David jokes, “That Laura Bruno’s a tyrant! Good thing Laura Bruno the employee’s so tricky.”

I can and do manifest whatever I need in the moment. (An old professor calls me “Lily” for Solomon’s “lilies of the field.”) But I do have a pesky Capricorn North Node, so my destiny point encourages things like:

“Embrace (Capricorn north node):
Leadership, professional and business acumen, being proactive, empowering others instead of enabling, living a public life, cool-headed vision, masculine energy, relationship with father/father figures” (click here for more North and South Node info.)

I need to bring more Capricorn into my life, but I need to do so on my own terms. Which brings us to Valentine’s Day morning. I sat down under a cozy blanket to begin filling out Leonie Dawson’s super girlie, fun and powerful “Goals Workbook That Transforms Everything”:


Instead of demotivating me, this well rounded planner got me even more positive and excited about 2018 than I’ve already felt.

As I continued daydreaming and listing my intentions and tangible steps like a Cappy goat up the proverbial mountain, two women rang the front doorbell. I could tell they saw me through our large, southern window, so I answered the main door while keeping the outer glass one locked. One woman hung back, while the other did the talking.

After our initial hello’s, I asked, “So what do you want?”

She said, “Oh, we’re here to talk about the Good News. So many people are concerned about the future. We’re just here to share the Good News.”

I smiled and said, “Oh, I feel really good about the future.”

She dropped the smile and challenged me with a chilly: “You feel good about the future?”

“Yes,” I said, still smiling, “I feel happy and excited about the future.”

The woman stepped back, bent over and peer up into my eyes in disbelief. “You feel good about the future?! The future looks bright to you?”

“Yes,” I said. “There’s lots of Good News.”

“Well, ohhhhhhh-kay,” she said, “if that’s how you feeeeeeeel.” She backed away, and then she and the other woman hightailed it to their car.

I burst out laughing and texted Tania about the exchange: “Couldn’t get to their car fast enough. I guess the Good News is not so believably good even to those professing it. Meanwhile, [I’m] feeling grateful for all of it.”

“It was hilarious.”

“She looked at me like I was insane.”

Then, about a half hour later I couldn’t stop laughing. In fact, I’m still giggling, even now. Here’s how I explained it to Tania:

“Ok, now this is huge LOL, because I realized I am literally wearing rose colored glasses and was when the woman came to the door and asked about the future. Like the expression, seeing through rose colored glasses. That might have something to do with her quizzical look. Had them on because it is soooo bright with the snow and all our windows on a sunny day. Makes reading easier. LOL, future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.”


My Shining Life … in a loungewear bathrobe, wearing rose colored glasses, because the “future’s so bright…. I gotta wear shades.” And so it is. So mote it be for thee.


Timothy Glenn ~ Smoking Hopium

Today we have an excellent post from my long time friend, the astrologer, numerologist and author, Timothy Glenn. On the surface, this article seems to address both Left and Right political Hopium; however, the takeaway message goes much deeper than politics. Like me, Tim supports inner empowerment and creativity. Good things are happening in the external world — yes, even in politics, unless, for some reason, you like human trafficking and pedophilia, which I really hope you don’t!

Yet we have far more influence tending our own gardens, both literal and metaphorical. Beyond the prevailing bad news and false hope exists another, magical paradigm that responds to us in real time and with tangible, verifiable results.

I know so many people living from this inner space, and contrary to doom ‘n’ gloom or empty platitudes, these people keep manifesting dreams come true. As Within, So Without. Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” Once we do, though, we can actively “become the change we wish to see in the world.” The Hopi prophecies remind us: “This could be a good time.” Indeed, it is a good time … whenever we align ourselves and make it so. Here’s Tim:

Smoking Hopium

By Timothy Glenn

Proterrian describes hope as “a wimpy substitute for faith.” When people have been beaten down by life, to the point that their faith has been shattered, hope is all they have left. Faith reaches assuredly for the next handhold or foothold, even if unseen. But when hope is the only show in town, it grasps at straws in the wind, like a last gasp of desperation. The best thing that can be said for hope is that it’s better than nothing, because at least it hasn’t chosen total self destruction.

If your faith ever gets reduced to mere hope, it will help if you avoid the common tendency of reaching to the outside world for what can only be found within: your faith, which is a facet of your divine creative power. You are an expression of the infinite energy field. If you approach things from your infinite self, the infinite will support you.

Rather than submit to external forces, your human personality can surrender to your infinite self. That constitutes an act of genuine faith. Your life can pivot in that moment, because your spirit can handle anything.

On the other hand, hope can become quite delusional. Nowhere is this demonstrated more effectively than in the world of politics.

Your Tax Dollars: Inaction

People look to governments to solve problems, most of which were caused by the governments. Centralization of power attracts corrupticrats in droves. The people respond by increasing the centralization of power, hoping the further empowering of corrupticrats will solve the problems of corruption.

This is like an alcoholic who wants to recover by drinking more alcohol. Want to lose weight? Eat more junk food. Want to get back in shape? Avoid exercise. Want to learn? Keep your mind closed.

A Slog Down Memory Lane

Back in 2008, the United States gave the world a mass demonstration of deluded hope. Hordes of Americans (ardently supported by others across the world) swallowed the Big Blue Pill of “Hopey Changey”. Yeah, they were sure smoking a lot of what they thought was the newest brand of Hopium, but was really the same old brand in a different colored package.

In our immediate circles of colleagues in the metaphysical community, Laura Bruno stood out as the only other practitioner who did not fall for the 2008 Blue Pill sales pitch. It helped that neither of us had been playing the game of party politics, and could clearly see through such illusions. Non-partisanship can build strong immunity. And no, neither of us voted for John Insane McCain, in case anybody wonders.

Even today, many Americans cannot see that both of their major parties are owned and operated by the same financial interests at the top of the infamous pyramid scheme that passes itself off as government. This applies in most other countries as well. We still hear an endless refrain of “Yay for our team, boo for their team.” These folks evidently don’t see the ancient game of divide and conquer at play in their own lives.

Left, Right: The March of Tyranny

Ben Garrison’s brilliant 2010 cartoon called The March of Tyranny shows people being trampled by a massive “being” made of Illuminati symbolism. The blue left leg is stepping onto someone who says, “Ow!! Next time I’ll vote Republican!” Meanwhile the red right leg is flattening someone who says, “Ugh!! Next time I’ll vote Democrat!”

An important symbol in the cartoon shows the pyramid-shaped head shouting through a bullhorn labeled MSM. In case you have been living under a rock, MSM stands for mainstream media. It doesn’t matter if it’s the old king’s crier or a modern talking head on television, the bullhorn represents a horn used for spouting bull.

You might think humans would wise up and see through the illusions of this ruse after a few thousand years of it. But no-o-o-o-o.

If this comes as news to you, please go easy on yourself as you wake up. You were born in the trap. You grew up in this illusion, and you have never known anything else. Even regarding current governments, the system has operated this way since before our grandparents were born. As an aside – my oldest grandparent was born in 1885, so yeah – it’s been awhile.

Brand X Trump Hopium

We currently have two different brands of Hopium regarding President Donald Trump. Most of those who are smoking heavy loads of Brand X are the ones who all but overdosed on the Hopey Changey brand back in 2008. They desperately want to see Trump impeached and forced out of office, so some will ask if it’s in his chart. Then they pout when I tell them no.

In the summer of 2015, I gave him a 99.99% chance of winning not only the Republican nomination, but of winning the general election in the fall of 2016. A rabid Hillary supporter once got in my face and objected vociferously while hanging out at a local teahouse. I simply shrugged and said, “All I’m doing is reading the charts.” She indignantly huffed in response, “Well, I disagree.” I smiled and gently replied, “Okay, it’s you versus the universe. Good luck with that.”

There are greater forces at work on Planet Earth than such people know about. And the more of their Brand X Hopium they smoke, the less they will be able to perceive a bigger picture, let alone focus on it.

Brand Y Trump Hopium

Then we have the Trump supporters toking on their Brand Y Trump Hopium pipes. Their big pipe dream envisions President Trump brandishing a Harry Potter type magic wand and making the corrupticrats disappear overnight. They have no clue what it takes to dismantle a system of economic, political, academic and spiritual enslavement that can be traced back to ancient Babylon, if not beyond.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump did promise to bust the global pedophile ring and put an end to Luciferian child sacrifice, along with other forms of human trafficking, organ harvesting, etc. This takedown operation is in full swing, but the Brand Y Hopium smokers impatiently demand seeing arrests and convictions on mainstream television right now.

Sure. No problem. Presto change-o. This planetary cleanup involves going up against entrenched forces with billions of dollars in black operations budgets, backed by multi-trillionaire families. That would be like a single knight in shining armor stepping up to a gigantic sinister castle with hundreds of dark rooms and deep dungeons, and then simply announcing, “You’re all under arrest.” Good luck with that.

These creepazoids who run the world have access to weapons of mass destruction, control most of the world’s economy and resources, have literal armies at their command (not to mention air and naval forces), manipulate most governments, and maintain an array of socially engineered psychopaths ready to carry out terrorist attacks when a particular pheromone is released.

For example, these ultra wealthy predators could order a few of their mind controlled minions to commandeer a submarine, go rogue with it, and fire a missile at Hawaii in hopes of igniting world war. The Americans might block the attack and the Chinese might destroy the submarine, and then tell everyone it was a false alarm because someone had pushed a wrong button. But the global creepazoids would still have plenty more tricks up their sleeves. They thrive on false flag attacks of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Meanwhile, their mainstream media is busily brainwashing much of the population. And yet somehow, the Brand Y Trump Hopium smokers think a flourish of a presidential Harry Potter wand should make these ensconced global power mongers go kerpoof into the thin air of an admittedly well earned oblivion.

Get Real

The Brand Y Trump Hopium smokers might contemplate a few questions for starters.

Could you pull this off without collapsing the entire world economy? Could you pull this off without triggering mass destruction or even a world war?

Could you haul these perpetrators into the courts they own, and then somehow miraculously convict them? They can afford to hire teams of the most formidable crooked lawyers on earth. They already have most of the judges in their hip pockets. So exactly how would you accomplish this, Mr. Potter? These guys make Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters look like school yard bullies – in kindergarten, no less.

Different Rules of Engagement

A literal civil war has been waged behind the scenes for decades. In the intelligence agencies and military, as well as throughout other structures of the system, people have been getting killed. Only now is this conflict rising to the surface.

We might or might not see the global creepazoids being convicted in their own courts, with the proceedings being broadcast on the mainstream media outlets they own. We might be much better off employing methods like remote viewing, astral projection or soul travel. Then we could watch the military tribunals that are not being shown to the public at large.

Keep the faith, kids.

Wake Up and Smell the Sewage

All Hopium addicts are hereby encouraged to lay down their pipes and go through withdrawal. Reach inside and find your faith. Open your eyes, open your minds and open your hearts. This is the planetary transition – the Great Purification – that we have been talking about for ages.

If the Hopium smokers of all kinds are willing to endure some excruciating self-honesty, the resulting mental and emotional body detoxification would help facilitate the overall planetary detox. The time has come for humanity to integrate the deep, dark energies of its collective shadow.

Once we have cleared away the sludge, who knows what we will find beneath it? Perhaps flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, puppy dogs and rainbows. It’s entirely up to us. We are the Infinite Creator, and it’s about damned time we started acting like it.

Timothy Glenn


Happy Love Day + Eclipse Energy Info

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Love Day, however you celebrate the force of Love in your life. Below these beauties, you’ll find information on tomorrow’s eclipse. My natal chart features an Aquarius Moon, so I’ve already been feeling this energy. I know some people prefer to ignore the Moon, but given tides and our own water content, I still find it valuable to know what the energies support. Go with the flow and all that. 😉 Please use your own intuition and discernment, and feel the Love …


The following article comes from Patricia Liles:

The New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, February 15 at 2:05 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at


Sun and Moon in Aquarius ~ 27º

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2:05 PM Mountain Standard Time

(Thursday, Feb 15, 9:05 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Solar Eclipse falls in a celebratory week with Mardi Gras on the 13th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th, partial solar eclipse on the 15th, and Chinese New Year on the 15th-16th.  This Aquarian partial solar eclipse visible in southern South America, most of Antarctica and the southern most Pacific and Atlantic Oceans bookends the eclipse period of big change and shift begun at the Total Lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31.  Whether you are under the light of the eclipse or not, it effects the whole planet, you included.  New Moon is always a reset moment; an eclipse heightens that dynamic.  What is closing for you and what is now beginning?  That is worth a moment of reflection as all the focus (thank you Saturn in Capricorn) that has gone into determining how we want to create and manifest our selves, our lives, our world in new ways while releasing the old are beginning to pay off for those who have really honed and worked with their intentions.

An Aquarius New Moon brings us the blessings of a power sign in the AIR element lending us mental clarity, the detachment and perspective to rise above and see the big picture beyond our own personal center and consider where are the needs for healing social change that will be more inclusive.  Aquarius rings the bell of our revolutionary energy.  Freedom is the foundation of Aquarian’s need to be self-reliant.  Aquarians need room to be innovative, to express their individuality and eccentricities.  Aquarian energy is not personal, but it is social and friendly, inquisitive and experimental.  Aquarius is a fixed sign, so they tend to have very clear boundaries.  In the negative pole they can be thoughtless, even fanatical and unreasonable, and eccentric beyond the beyond and into the weird.

Because of their modern rulership by Uranus, they can be the most eccentric of signs.  The planet Uranus, discovered in 1781, the decade of revolution, proletariat rebellion and democracy, actually rotates perpendicular to all the other planets in our solar system.  Now that’s eccentric!  That fixed mental quality can also be attributed to their traditional ruler, Saturn, which gives them admirable integrity and dedication to TRUTH and IDEALISM.  Uranus also brings in a scientific bent and the brilliant creativity of genius to all they do.  Aquarius is a master at creating on the visionary astral planes, turning it over to Spirit and watching it manifest on the physical planes.  The high frequency energy of Uranus gives true visionary perspective as well as access to energy medicine like Reiki, hands on healing, acupuncture, sound therapies, etc.

In this New Moon chart, Mercury and asteroid Juno, goddess of committed relationships, are conjunct the Sun/Moon.  Our mental faculties are up for a reset.  Mercury is the Messenger and gatherer of information, the Networker, governing how we think, communicate, teach and learn.  Our thinking includes our versatility and adaptability, how we reason, and the symbols we respond to and use.  Mercury relates to our need for exchange, how we interact in our day-to-day commerce with clerks and neighbors.  Mercury rules our nervous systems, a complex electro-magnetic information processor connecting us to our environment in so many ways we are just beginning to understand. Time for some reframe in the form of conceptual, high frequency thinking reform.  A progressive, intuitive use of the mind is called for here.  We’re in the shift to a new dominant frequency/paradigm and here is the portal to aid and revamp our reasoning, conceptual base and language use.  What do you hear yourself saying that points to the ideology of your past?  What is your commitment to shifting a mental habit detrimental to you moving forward in manifesting your intentions?  It takes about three weeks of discipline to change a mental habit.  New Moon is the perfect time to begin.

Because Juno is within 1º of the New Moon, our communication and mental constructs around our marriage relationships, partnerships, business associations (often very committed; their outcome determines your outcome and vice versa) can benefit from an upgrade.  Are you willing to deconstruct your most stressful situations that erupt into power struggles?  Inequality is a major focus and issue for Juno.  She doesn’t like to be disrespected.  She was, after all, Queen of Heaven prior to agreeing to be Zeus’ (Jupiter’s) wife.  Juno in Aquarius is going to make you sort for room to be free and express your individuality within a relationship.  Juno here is way outside the traditional with all matter of couplings accepted if they have integrity and are in alignment with the agreements made.  Juno in Aquarius opens the door for experiencing NOT being in a committed relationship and learning about that freedom.

Mercury and ruling planet Uranus are in a positive aspect to each other (sextile 60º) helping us on our New Moon revamping mission of our mental, communication and visioning habits.  It’s an open road full of opportunity to be better versions of our current selves that we all want, and an eclipse period gives added power to that desire.

I also see a Finger of God, a triangle focused on Ceres in Leo, that Earth Mother energy so prominent at last Full Moon, with Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn forming the base and offering us stability and structure for our social relationships, our intimate relationships, our finances, and Ceres brings in empowerment for self worth, self nourishment and the link to Mother Nature as our ally.  A Finger of God always requires some adjustment and integration of parts and experiences that don’t quite flow with ease, but when it gets in alignment you have access to some magnificent Grace ~ your life becomes a catalyst for synchronicities, opportunities and the poetic and imaginative to express through you.

Following the eclipse mid month, the personal planets will begin shifting out of mental air sign Aquarius and into emotional water sign Pisces.  Venus has already moved on the 10th into Pisces, Mercury follows on the 17th right before the Sun moves into Pisces for a month on the 18th where they all will join Neptune and Chiron.  All planets are direct now until March 8th when Jupiter will retrograde in Scorpio, so it’s a time of movement, progress, and a forward-looking cycle.  Those of you who are sensitive may feel the shift into the new water element some five hours after the eclipse as the Moon shifts into Pisces giving a taste of the shift of the Sun into Pisces on the 18th.

February is a funny month with no Full Moons of its own as January had two, on the 1st and 31st and next Full Moon is on March 1st.  Use this progressive Aquarian influence to move on the new templates that are forming in your mind.

All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

02/18 Sun enters Pisces 10:17 AM MST

03/01 Virgo Full Moon 11º 5:51 PM MST

03/11 Daylight Savings Time begins (USA)

03/17 Pisces New Moon 27º 7:12 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at