The Third Annual Grow Your Own Food Summit

I don’t have any affiliation with this Summit, but it’s always a good one: the Third Annual Grow Your Own Food Summit. This year focuses on growing food in your own yard with as little effort as possible, as well as getting your kids involved in growing. More details and free signup here.

For anyone who wonders what growing your own food has to do with Medical Intuition and the other “more spiritual services” I offer: plenty! It gives you the freshest produce, control over what goes into your body, beauty, and the chance to connect with and observe Nature in ways most people forget to do in our busy lives.

Hundreds of years ago, the Goddess of Sovereignty and the Goddess of the Land were one and the same. Kings received their right to rule based on how well they honored the Land. The story of the Fisher King and the Wasteland springs from this ancient myth. How different would our world look today if those in power needed to prove themselves to the Land? How different would our world be if each of us reclaimed a little echo of Sovereignty — of our right to connect with Nature, our bodies and local, organic food?

The Grow Your Own Food Summit offers steps in that direction. If you have time, I hope you check out some of the free programs.


Planting Paradise

The first summer we lived here — 2013 — this median facing an ugly view required a date with two batteries worth of weed whackers at least three times per week. We’re talking fast growing, out of control weeds on a strip of land with giant holes and rock hard, uneven soil, and an often flooded driveway. It crushed my soul to see this median as we approached our house.

I can barely believe the difference four years makes! This same strip is now a rain garden, bird and butterfly paradise, with serviceberry trees, Robinhood roses, sunflowers, lilies, milkweed, bachelor’s buttons, love in a mist, cosmos, and more. The fragrance alone is worth the trip. Last year, those roses bloomed from late May through the end of November with barely any care. Birds ate the hips this winter and spring.

Don’t ever doubt that you can change the world, one bright spot at a time:






Farewell, Sweet Friend!


It’s funny, but of all the the beings, plants, trees, furniture, and decorations we’re leaving behind, I will miss her most. This sweet faery has been with me since 2004 or 2005. She used to have a crystal ball, which almost immediately broke so that she could have a flower full of stones to hold. I don’t even know how many times she’s moved with me — I think 13 moves, including across the country in 2010.

I don’t know her name even after all this time, but she houses an actual faery. Others have seen her essence, too, including a sweet little 1.5 year old named Iris who lived with us for two months before we left Madison. Iris knew her faeries! She could tell from inside a house without being able to see out the window if someone put faery statues outside. When that happened, Iris would point to the window, begging to go out, only to have the adults discover that someone had put out a faery garden statue. (It’s common for gnomes to inhabit garden gnomes, and faeries love to live inside images or statues of themselves.) When she lived with us, Iris made a point of waving to this faery and kissing her goodnight each evening before bed.

In Goshen, my faery friend took up residence in the Northeast corner of our home, on top of one of David’s stereo speakers. When I open or close the curtains and blinds, I acknowledge her, and I periodically thank her for protecting our home and holding the beautiful energy here.

I’m not entirely surprised she has decided to remain here, because last year I tried to move her while redecorating, and she would have none of that! She made it very clear this was her home — and not just this house, but that corner of the house. Fortunately, Linette loves her, so she gets to remain here. I’ll come visit. I’m happy that after 13 moves, this faery finally feels she’s found her home. (After 43 moves, perhaps I will feel the same in our new home.) She says she has found her purpose, anchoring beauty and guarding the faery portal in this lush and unexpected vortex beside train tracks and industries.

Farewell, sweet friend! I will miss you, but I’m glad you’ve found your forever home and purpose. Deep respect and gratitude from my heart to yours in this bittersweet goodbye.


Les Urbainculteurs

I’ve posted before about Todmorden, England, but I had no idea Quebec was doing so much with urban edibles! This is fantastic and really inspiring to see a city so committed to food security, beauty and empowering locals. Other cities could easily copy this model, and I hope they do!

Les Urbanculture uses the Big Bag Beds and Smart Pots I mentioned most recently in my June Blooms and CPL post when talking about a solution I found for planting under and near mature trees whose roots I want to protect. I have grown blueberries and chocolate mint in Smart Pots and the Junior Big Bag Bed, even though I have a huge yard here in Goshen. The juglone poisoned soil from black walnut, plus all the stumps had turned certain areas into no grow zones, so I decided to experiment with these larger fabric containers.

Much to my surprise, the two blueberry plants in Smart Pots are now five times as large as the ones I planted in the ground a year prior. They’re also loaded with blueberries, whereas the in ground ones from the same supplier have yet to produce any berries. Apparently, the Smart Pots are especially good for blueberries, since they encourage a much stronger root system with the air pruning. Blueberries require acidic soil and don’t like root competition. They’re kind of like the Goldilocks of fruit bushes — not too wet, not too dry … they need it just right to thrive.

A few people have asked me about these Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds, so I thought I’d post a link (no affiliation): You can find them in retail stores and on Amazon. Along with the Garden Tower Project, it’s yet another way to free up growing space in areas you wouldn’t normally be able to produce food. For our new place, the Garden Tower will grow strawberries and lettuce in an otherwise difficult to use area behind our shed. I bought ten 20-gallon portable Smart Pots for fruit trees and fruit bushes — a mini backyard orchard, as well as two Juniors and one Big Bag Bed for the front yard. Given the number of plants and trees I plan to add in a short time, I can already tell I’ll be ordering another 5-pack of the 20-gallon pots.

I had originally thought of these as last ditch solutions; however, my phenomenal success with the blueberries I so often forget to water has made me enthusiastic to use these in our new yard. They’ll allow me to grow while also doing the year or two “observation” phase of permaculture. If something needs to be moved, I can do so without disrupting the beauty already there. Just wanted to share for anyone else who might benefit sooner rather than later. 🙂

Meanwhile, back at Faery Hof and Haus Am See, I’m so pleased to see the yards turning into a community garden. Between the family now living in the blue house (Haus Am See) and Linette, plus my own efforts, we’ve got so many things planted, and it’s so great to share gardening with someone! Watering becomes a catch up time and a chance to swap garden knowledge. Bumper crops will balance out between two households, although this yard could still provide farmers market produce if anyone wants to go that route. I already have a farmer selling the over-abundance of Egyptian Walking Onions, and he says they are very popular!

In any case, it feels good to see others enjoying the productive beauty and caring for what I so lovingly created here. Blessings abound!


Sometimes All You Have to Give Is Love

There are times when no matter how hard you wish you truly can not alleviate another person’s torment. Hope as you might, try as you might, their torture exists beyond the reach of your personal influence. This past week, my mother came to Atlanta for my niece’s high school graduation. We all sat through the two-hour […]


Garden Update ~ June Blooms and CPL

Well, the roses got the memo: “It’s June!”







Black lace elderberries came out to play, too:


Fresh lettuce and half week old cut peonies, still incredibly fragrant:


It’s a feast for eyes, nose and tummy. Below, you can see my recently emptied Garden Tower Project, with its redistributed and recharged (Epsom salts + worm castings) soil spread among dozens of container plants lined up for eventual transport:


Believe it or not, those are only some of the containers. Yep, CPL (Crazy Plant Lady) has struck again. Once I figured out how I could use fabric pots and Big Bag Beds to create an instant garden under and around mature front yard trees, it was all over for the garden downsize. Once I discovered we have a resident groundhog in the new backyard and potential deer, bunnies and groundhogs in the new front yard, the fragrant (researched and repellent) plants somehow multiplied before my eyes. A bucket of leftover sand joined forces with worm castings and homemade compost to create even more potted options for divisions and starts from the successfully diverse ecosystem here.

I also might have called for a resident great horned owl as gatekeeper and garden guard. (Guarden?) Long story, but I have a history of calling great horned owls and having them appear. One even sat with me every afternoon for six weeks at my parents’ house while I recovered from my 1998 brain injury. I put out a request this week, and a friend who hadn’t heard one hoot since my wedding suddenly started hearing a great horned owl and felt nudged to tell me right after I mentally asked the owl for confirmation. I took that synchronicity as the spirit of the owl “reporting for duty” like so many others — praying mantises, wasps, mason bees — have done shortly after I expressed a need. With any luck, a resident owl will enforce the new garden rules, so that everyone behaves and gets along.

In any case, the portable garden continues to grow — both in size and number. I’m almost out of available pots, but I still have compost, sand and worm castings, so watch out, New Yard! You’re about to get an edible upgrade. It’s a lot more fun than packing. 😉


June 2017 Special

June 2017 Special

With all the moving parts of our upcoming relocation, I’ve decided only to offer one special this month, which is an extension of May’s 20-Minute Email Check-In. This special remains an experiment since so many people request email support. It can be used for medical intuition, past life work, quick check-in’s, follow-up between sessions, or as a way of addressing your needs sooner than my phone availability would allow. During June, the flexibility of email sessions will work very well, so here’s a recap. (Also, please see below an option invented by one of my clients and shared with a friend of hers last month, spanning several properties– a very cool combo, indeed!)

20-Minute Email Check-In for $77

Twenty minutes usually covers one or two questions or issues, and it includes my time reading and replying to your email, plus the time spent tuning in and interpreting any intuitive messages I receive, along with providing links (if applicable) for further details and information. If you have more complex questions, you can add time. Available if prepaid on or before June 30, 2017. Depending on how this goes, this special might become a regular offering, but we’ll see, as I prefer life away from the computer.

Please contact me to sign up.

Some clients last month opted to combine this email special with the land clearing services I recently announced, and that worked so well that I’m listing this as an option here, too. Essentially, people sent me an address to request a 20-minute email reading about a property they own or considered purchasing, in which I shared my findings and suggestions, and then they requested a property clearing ($77) based on those results. In other words, this worked as an unofficial package for $154. Also available for houses or apartments.


This is a previously unadvertised service, which so many people have found so beneficial that I’ve decided to make it public. This service can be used for:

  • Clearing properties or spaces of negative energies and hostile influences
  • Preparing homes for sale and removing unwanted attachments to old properties
  • Blessing new homes, properties or work spaces
  • Smoothing details of relocation and supporting synchronicity in the search for a new home or office
  • Raising the vibration and increasing the positive influence radius of your home or work space
  • Blessing gardens or public spaces
  • Creating spheres of protection around your environment
  • Dedicating spaces to support certain goals or intentions
  • Creating a healing sanctuary or supporting sacred space

(If it’s not listed but seems related, please contact me for options. This process involves a combination of a Reiki Healing Attunement, Runes, specially determined timing, and any supportive symbols, crystals, etc. depending on the individual situation. It’s more complex and specific than a Reiki Healing Attunement, but that technique forms the foundation of this process.)


$77 per location or specific intention

$200 for 3 locations or intentions (i.e. if you need to sell one property in order to purchase another and also want help finding a new office; if there are multiple properties involved; or if you anticipate needing this service again sometime)



Unfiltered Thoughts on Creating Your Reality

Such an important post! Thank you, Linette. I know this will help many people as they begin to make a shift into greater creative flow. ❤

Creating your own reality does not mean that you decide what you want, imagine every detail, wave your magic wand, and BANG! You wake up to the world you created, whole and complete.

At least it doesn’t mean that for me. And I suspect it doesn’t mean that for a lot…dare I say, most….people.

Instead, creating your own reality really happens in the small choices you make every day, moment to moment, about what you will and won’t believe, what you will and won’t give your attention and focus to, what you will and won’t allow into your life.

A shift happened inside me at some point in the last two years. I decided to just believe whatever I want to. A big, ole F you to anyone who thought I was nuts, stupid, gullible, or childish. I had long been drawn to “magickal” things and ideas…energy manipulation, manifestation, moving…

View original post 803 more words


Hang on to Your Story, Hang on to Your Pain

Last week, after making the ill-advised choice to teach a group of beginners how to practice headstands, I got kicked in the skull not just once but twice. It all started like this. I looked around the room at my Thursday morning over-50 yoga class. I decided that they had been doing a good job getting […]


Quick Updates and Flowers

Things are traveling at a whirlwind pace, but all moving along quite well! I find this very true in our own lives, and I hear equivalent reports from clients, friends and family. Once people experiencing any challenges notice that each challenge presents a chance to clarify, confirm and commit to the new, an energy shift emerges, turning the entire process into a blessing.

This happened to us last week, as initially, the sellers of our new home indicated they would not vacate by the Friday settlement date. A flurry of prayers, sacred chants, emails, texts, visualization, and a Reiki Healing Attunement apparently activated a much more positive timeline. Literally everything except the house itself changed overnight, including the individuals and situations involved — reworking not only to a fully vacated house, but also to major sync winks and uncanny blessings the whole day of our closing. Several “full circles” made everyone marvel at Divine guidance, and we just happened to meet the previous owner to the ones selling us the house.

She’s the now elderly woman who planted all the trees and flowers. On Friday, she just happened to drive by to check out the yellow irises she always loves to see bloom, whereupon she noticed the “Sold” sign and an open garage door.


She waited for us to come outside, introduced herself, gave us her phone number and offered to set us up with her former arborist and any information we’d like to know about the park like setting she created. She expressed sheer delight that another gardener is moving in, since the people she sold to 1.5 years ago have only barely maintained the yard. A woman after my own heart, she could tell how much I love plants and trees. She’s thrilled we will appreciate the love and care she put into plant selection and that we recognize the inner beauty and unique qualities of the house she loved for decades. We’ve agreed to have her over once we finish renovations and settle in.

Meanwhile, I was excited to see an entire East wall of peonies! Ours finally bloomed this year, too, but she has about eight times as many, very mature peonies of various colors — plenty for picking!



I will announce our new location a little while after we complete our move-in. We’ve got several moving parts, including David’s job, the large and time consuming project of emptying his parents’ house in Goshen, various contractors at our new place, and our own relocation to coordinate. All in due time, but it’s all chugging along behind the scenes, even if I can’t yet announce all the details. When you see me listing new classes in a new location later this summer, you can safely assume that’s a soft announcement we’ve moved to that location. 😉

Meanwhile, back on the Goshen home front, I’m pleased to report that both houses have gone to gardeners! Everyone keeps saying the faeries will miss me here, but I’m not so sure. Two little girls running around the yard in pink dresses and hats are rather pleasing to flower faeries. Also, thanks to the generosity of several generous blog readers, lots of Reiki, prayers, intentions, and some private arrangements, Linette and her husband Jason are now able to take over our house, effective July 1. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to Linette, and especially to my sweet sister, Erica, who initiated a donation spree in order to ensure continuation of the beautiful permaculture gardens here, while also allowing Linette to realize her dream of moving to this house. (In case you missed it, you can read her story here.)

We continue right sizing for our move, making donations, setting up new services and already transitioning to our new life. It all feels so very good! Due to privacy, confidentiality and timing, I cannot share all the miraculous details, but suffice to say, our shift to the new has opened up new pathways for so many others — a true testament that when we choose from our hearts in the Highest Good of All, life responds. I’ll leave you with the bouquet of irises from our yard, which I created for David’s mom this past Sunday. I couldn’t get the colors as vibrant in the photo as they are in person, and of course, you can’t smell their heavenly fragrance. Engage your imagination, though. It’s good for you! And good for our world.


Blessed Be … and be the blessing …