A countdown is in effect. We have exactly one week left before the movers take us away from the house and yards we’ve nurtured the past almost five years. Yesterday afternoon, David and I hosted some yard lessons on how to operate his parents’ old lawn mower we’re leaving here, plus I gave a tour of the various herbs, perennials and fruit trees for easier ID. I’m also leaving each house with the map I made for my Permaculture Design Certificate — but with individual fruit and nut trees and shrubs labeled.

Last week, we already moved about half of what we’re taking to the new place, but now it’s crunch time for packing, sorting and figuring how the heck I’m going to get my container garden to the new yard without needing to rent a separate truck just for plants. You can see just some of them below:


Most of the indoor plants moved last week, since they can survive without daily care. On these hot days, containers need frequent attention, though, and many of my containers not pictured are too large for cars. Here’s hoping the movers work some magic, since I convinced them to move my garden if we have room. “Normally, we don’t move living things.” I’m not sure they know what they just agreed to! We’ve got another truck reserved for later in the week just in case … but, goodness, it would be so nice to be done!

Meanwhile, here are six more photos of the yards at Faery Hof and Haus Am See. I’m so relieved all the new renters get along and have already developed some sense of community even beyond the gardens. It turns out they lived two doors apart two blocks from here before, but never officially met until the Faery Referral Network (and prayers and Reiki) connected them all here. These are not my tales to tell, but clearly, there’s a much bigger plan at work! So many perfect fits, synchronicities and obvious blessings all around. 🙂

Enjoy the beauty … these will be some of my very last photos from these yards:


Day Lilies for David


Purple coneflower — echinacea — and magenta yarrow among the irises




Can you spot the damselfly? We’ve had so many this year. (Upper left quadrant)


North Star Cherry tree is almost ready to pick


Various types of milkweed, butterfly plants, and high pollen blooms are lighting up official Monarch Way Station 7849

I’m excited to bring more diversity and edible abundance to our new yard, which, like the indoor space, will be very different from here. So nice to know this place will carry on in Goshen. I’ve been touched by how important this garden has become to locals — as well as blog readers. Thank you for all the encouragement and support throughout this labor of love!

Blessed Be … and be the blessing. 🙂

Source: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2017/06/17/7-photos-and-7-days-left-at-faery-hof/