It’s funny, but of all the the beings, plants, trees, furniture, and decorations we’re leaving behind, I will miss her most. This sweet faery has been with me since 2004 or 2005. She used to have a crystal ball, which almost immediately broke so that she could have a flower full of stones to hold. I don’t even know how many times she’s moved with me — I think 13 moves, including across the country in 2010.

I don’t know her name even after all this time, but she houses an actual faery. Others have seen her essence, too, including a sweet little 1.5 year old named Iris who lived with us for two months before we left Madison. Iris knew her faeries! She could tell from inside a house without being able to see out the window if someone put faery statues outside. When that happened, Iris would point to the window, begging to go out, only to have the adults discover that someone had put out a faery garden statue. (It’s common for gnomes to inhabit garden gnomes, and faeries love to live inside images or statues of themselves.) When she lived with us, Iris made a point of waving to this faery and kissing her goodnight each evening before bed.

In Goshen, my faery friend took up residence in the Northeast corner of our home, on top of one of David’s stereo speakers. When I open or close the curtains and blinds, I acknowledge her, and I periodically thank her for protecting our home and holding the beautiful energy here.

I’m not entirely surprised she has decided to remain here, because last year I tried to move her while redecorating, and she would have none of that! She made it very clear this was her home — and not just this house, but that corner of the house. Fortunately, Linette loves her, so she gets to remain here. I’ll come visit. I’m happy that after 13 moves, this faery finally feels she’s found her home. (After 43 moves, perhaps I will feel the same in our new home.) She says she has found her purpose, anchoring beauty and guarding the faery portal in this lush and unexpected vortex beside train tracks and industries.

Farewell, sweet friend! I will miss you, but I’m glad you’ve found your forever home and purpose. Deep respect and gratitude from my heart to yours in this bittersweet goodbye.