Things are traveling at a whirlwind pace, but all moving along quite well! I find this very true in our own lives, and I hear equivalent reports from clients, friends and family. Once people experiencing any challenges notice that each challenge presents a chance to clarify, confirm and commit to the new, an energy shift emerges, turning the entire process into a blessing.

This happened to us last week, as initially, the sellers of our new home indicated they would not vacate by the Friday settlement date. A flurry of prayers, sacred chants, emails, texts, visualization, and a Reiki Healing Attunement apparently activated a much more positive timeline. Literally everything except the house itself changed overnight, including the individuals and situations involved — reworking not only to a fully vacated house, but also to major sync winks and uncanny blessings the whole day of our closing. Several “full circles” made everyone marvel at Divine guidance, and we just happened to meet the previous owner to the ones selling us the house.

She’s the now elderly woman who planted all the trees and flowers. On Friday, she just happened to drive by to check out the yellow irises she always loves to see bloom, whereupon she noticed the “Sold” sign and an open garage door.


She waited for us to come outside, introduced herself, gave us her phone number and offered to set us up with her former arborist and any information we’d like to know about the park like setting she created. She expressed sheer delight that another gardener is moving in, since the people she sold to 1.5 years ago have only barely maintained the yard. A woman after my own heart, she could tell how much I love plants and trees. She’s thrilled we will appreciate the love and care she put into plant selection and that we recognize the inner beauty and unique qualities of the house she loved for decades. We’ve agreed to have her over once we finish renovations and settle in.

Meanwhile, I was excited to see an entire East wall of peonies! Ours finally bloomed this year, too, but she has about eight times as many, very mature peonies of various colors — plenty for picking!



I will announce our new location a little while after we complete our move-in. We’ve got several moving parts, including David’s job, the large and time consuming project of emptying his parents’ house in Goshen, various contractors at our new place, and our own relocation to coordinate. All in due time, but it’s all chugging along behind the scenes, even if I can’t yet announce all the details. When you see me listing new classes in a new location later this summer, you can safely assume that’s a soft announcement we’ve moved to that location. 😉

Meanwhile, back on the Goshen home front, I’m pleased to report that both houses have gone to gardeners! Everyone keeps saying the faeries will miss me here, but I’m not so sure. Two little girls running around the yard in pink dresses and hats are rather pleasing to flower faeries. Also, thanks to the generosity of several generous blog readers, lots of Reiki, prayers, intentions, and some private arrangements, Linette and her husband Jason are now able to take over our house, effective July 1. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to Linette, and especially to my sweet sister, Erica, who initiated a donation spree in order to ensure continuation of the beautiful permaculture gardens here, while also allowing Linette to realize her dream of moving to this house. (In case you missed it, you can read her story here.)

We continue right sizing for our move, making donations, setting up new services and already transitioning to our new life. It all feels so very good! Due to privacy, confidentiality and timing, I cannot share all the miraculous details, but suffice to say, our shift to the new has opened up new pathways for so many others — a true testament that when we choose from our hearts in the Highest Good of All, life responds. I’ll leave you with the bouquet of irises from our yard, which I created for David’s mom this past Sunday. I couldn’t get the colors as vibrant in the photo as they are in person, and of course, you can’t smell their heavenly fragrance. Engage your imagination, though. It’s good for you! And good for our world.


Blessed Be … and be the blessing …