Yep! Just experienced this changeover in a very palpable way. In case anyone else wonders what is up with the energies, here you go! Happy New Moon in Gemini. Enjoy those new set points.

Everyday Tarot

The Taurus New Moon cycle ends and the Gemini New Moon cycle begins. The New Moon in Gemini cycle presents opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins. Gemini is the sign of communications and siblings. It represents the third house of Astrology.  Even though we have more ways to communicate with each other than ever before, distance and division run deep in our world even today. This Moon can help us connect to themes of friendship, partnership, communication, learning, and ideas. The Moon is responsible for our deeper emotions and feelings and can bring whatever is hiding in our subconscious mind to the surface.

Let’s see what this new moon has to reveal:

new moon gemini

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