This is an important series from Dana and something for some reason I always sensed. I have been very fortunate even pre-TBI and self-employment largely to manifest jobs in which I controlled most of my own time and schedule. It makes such a difference! I work with so many disabled people, and in many cases, health is really about TIME. When we refuse to make conscious course corrections, the body steps in to rescue the soul with justification for already much needed changes. Consciously reclaiming your relationship with time, moving beyond linear time, and recognizing the ability to bend time are among many health saving and health recovering techniques. Recognizing cultural patterns and internalized expectations about time helps in the reclamation process. Thanks, Dana!

The Druid’s Garden

In the US, it seems that the first question people ask is, “what do you do?”  When they say that, of course, they are not talking about how you spend your leisure time, but rather, the work that you do for pay. This is the most defining characteristic of modern lives–because this is tied to the thing our culture holds as most sacred: money.  Money is the only metric that has any real value and the pursuit of money drives all else. If you aren’t working in the workforce earning pay, either the work are doing is devalued (as any stay-at-home parent can attest) or there is something very wrong with you (as in, why aren’t you out there earning money?). This current economic system, driven by industrial mindsets surrounding profit and efficiency, gives us a rather poor metric through which to measure ourselves and our value.

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