Thanks to Cindy for this wonderful, Faery Tale Wisdom about today’s world, called 2016: Year of the Serpent. This link is well worth a read by anyone who enjoys and/or respects the power of Story to provide deep awakening and understanding, as well as by anyone upset or confused about things like Brexit, Donald Trump, or the increased vitriol that plagues contemporary Western society.

The above link may be enough for people who already feel led to remove themselves from the fray and get back to creating a more positive reality in the here and now, in both tangible and spiritual ways — sometimes quite literally from the ground up by starting gardens and planting fruit trees. If instead of trees, you find yourself firmly planted in one shouting and rioting camp or another, then the next links will help you shake loose of the Left/Right shackles so you can reclaim your own opinions beyond propaganda and reclaim your own agency beyond government, media or their corporate sponsors telling you what to believe.

Thanks to Bo for sending me one of Sane Progressive’s videos. Perhaps her youtube channel will bring some palatable good sense and a strong dose of truth to both sides in this increasingly polarized atmosphere, fomented by a war-loving media and its “fund both sides of every war” backers. If you cannot bring yourself even to consider that maybe, just possibly, people on what you think of as the “other” side have at least some valid points, then I hope “Sane Progressive” can get through to you. Here’s the link to her excellent channel.

People don’t seem to realize how easily Color Revolutions are begun and co-opted — and few people seem to ponder what happens if such violent, dehumanizing talk moves into Civil War. Those refugees people are arguing over? They’re fleeing Civil Wars begun by Color Revolutions, most of which began as genuine protests turned funded riots. If you think this only happens in Africa and the Middle East, then take a look at these before and after photos of Kiev. That war began with grandmothers.

Please recognize the humanity and consider the possible intelligence and real concerns of people with whom you disagree. Odds are you have much more in common with your neighbors and relatives than you realize. Divided we fall. Seek points of connection so that you can build real relationships to address actual solutions. The level of collective brainwashing in Western Society is beyond astounding, especially since 9/11. In this time of awakening, we’ll get a lot further by searching behind the smoke and mirrors than by trying to start wars with each other.

If you prefer not to look beyond the veil and instead focus on the world you do want to create, that’s fine. But please, please, please focus on the actual aspects and qualities of that preferred world rather than inviting and encouraging war. There’s a big difference between consciously empowered action and rioting (or calls for others to riot); between power to and power over; between tough love and projected rage/grief/denial; between individuals and group-think; between organic populist movements and the Bankers Manifesto of 1892. We live in a world where “corporations are people,” and yet so many good-hearted souls are fighting each other instead of creating alternatives to the corporations and governments rapaciously devouring our environment, bank accounts, relationships, and freedoms.

If you want a new world, don’t just demand it from someone else! Search yourself and find one small step you can take today to bring that new world into being. Just one, tiny action towards your preferred reality, towards the life that you would love to live. Now, do it! And continue taking steps until that preferred reality manifests. As Tolkien said, “Little by little one travels far.” You will find your true tribe by becoming yourself.