This is a beautiful offering by Jamie, and I am sure many will find comfort here. I, too, keep hearing from people in deep fear, confusion and grief, more so than usual. I also know many — myself included — for whom these times are really opening into a long awaited and cherished into being New. Reclaim your fragments. There is great power in integration. Love and blessings … Laura

Sophia’s Children

An illuminated Way ... [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism]“The first steps toward the creation of wholehearted empowerment in our lives are to leave space for it and ask for it with sincerity. We can’t overlook the power of devotion to create the feeling of possibility in our lives. … this seemingly outer devotion also opens doors to our inner community of voices — in Aramaic terms, the naphtha or subconscious soul-self. It is there that we find the seeds of malkuta — empowerment, the inner revolution.” ~ Neil Douglas-Klotz, The Hidden Gospel

In the last month, maybe two, I’ve seen and heard more expressions of fear and foreboding than is usually the case. And that’s saying something.

I’ve felt the waves and swirls of it, too.I’ve felt and seen the contractions in my own self and life. The shared “M-field” is full of fear-and-foreboding swirl — that ‘narrow mind’ thing I wrote about not too…

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