This speaks to me, as I’m sure it will to many wanderers and Earth lovers. Indeed, my current place is not “the” place … at least I sure hope not! I have loved and nourished this land from its near death to flourishing, but it has never been *my* place. Having lived in 43 places, I’ve not yet found the one true place, although I’ve lived in so many gorgeously exhalting places. I feel the next one tugging, tugging, but even that feels temporary. Perhaps for some of us, places continue to call so that we do link them together, the strong, alive places and those on the verge of death, crying out for so much healing.

In any case, I have no more answers to these questions than Dr. Sharon Blackie, but I understand what she shares here. A beautiful piece!


The Art of Enchantment

A few years ago now, The Place of Belonging was the title of a book I was going to write. I never did; instead, I wrote If Women Rose Rooted, and some of what I’d intended to say about place and belonging went into that book, and some will go into The Enchanted Life, the book I’m working on now. Sometimes I think I’ll always be writing about it, because although the psychology of place and the myths and stories of place have been at the heart of my work for so long now, it seems that there is always something more to learn.

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