I’ve had a flurry of texts and emails from people who are “shocked” by the results of last night’s election. I am not. This nation as a whole has done almost zero Shadow Work. Whichever polarizing figure won would have been deemed a Savior by some and the Anti-Christ by others.

Want to “Make America Great Again”? Start in your own front and backyard by turning lawn to food. (Fall is the perfect time to start a lasagna garden!) Start with your wallet by only purchasing items from companies and individuals who support your ethics and people you wish to support. Recognize that this country’s so-called “Greatness” was built on the genocide of Native Americans and send some money or supplies to the Sioux Tribe trying to save the water at Standing Rock. Let your own greatness shine like a light in dark places, encouraging people to shake off their shackles and reclaim self-reliance and self-respect. Take a whiff of air in New Delhi (or just look at it) before insisting that manufacturing at home will save the US, especially if we dial back EPA regulations. Look at before and after photos of Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. How “great” is “our” vision to “liberate” the world?

If you really believe “We’re Stronger Together,” then live it. Cross dividing lines. Stop assuming everyone who disagrees with Hollywood, CNN, you, and your professors is an idiot. Research what’s happening in Germany, Sweden, Greece and France right now. Ask yourself, as Somali-Muslim born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali does,  “Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?” If you believe “Black Lives Matter,” then find and follow through on ways to support education, skills development, and access to real food and real jobs. Sow self-reliance and grow hope like Will Allen of Growing Power and Ron Finley, the guerilla gardener of South Central Los Angeles do.

This excellent poem was released the day before the election. If you want to live in a better world, then up your deserve level by upping your own consciousness and responsibility. We do not live in a black or white world. Until we start sifting through those uncomfortable and vast grey areas, we will find ourselves on the continual trajectory of government overreach, by left and right, as well as a systemic crushing of women’s rights, oddly being advanced most strongly by Western Feminists. Up is down, in is out.

Here are some important questions from Larkin Rose:

I will leave you with the lovely Josie Outlaw:

Source: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/for-those-who-are-shocked/